Blue Hair Poetic Techniques

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Blue hair analysis

The song “Blue Hair” was released in 2018 by TV Girl. TV Girl is an indie pop band from San Diego in California, but now based in Los Angeles (Wikipedia, 2023). The song “Blue Hair” is written from a point of view of what seem to be a parent figure narrator. The narrator is reflecting one their relationship with a girl. The girl is the protagonist in the song and comes across as the narrator’s daughter. The song tells the story of an insecure girl growing up and cutting off her blue hair, while the parent is watching everything happen.

The song has 3 verse and 3 choruses with 4 lines in each verse and chorus. The tone in the song seems to be sad, mainly because the parent figure is talking about missing the girl, “Even …show more content…

Some of the literary devices that was used is symbolism and repetition. Symbolism is the most powerful and frequently used literary device in this song. First of all, the color blue can be a symbol of beauty, confidence and uniqueness. The lines: “What seemed so blue in the sunlight, By the night was a pale green” are from the final section in the first verse. I believe they are hinting at the idea, that what may seem attractive or desirable during the day, can be less so behind the facade, that is the darkness. Secondly blue is mentioned to describe the girl’s hair. The last part of the first chorus says, “And she's getting older, I guess she's gotta cut her blue hair off”. The blue hair may be a symbol of the girl’s uniqueness and childhood. However now that she is getting older the girl feels lost and misunderstood. The act of cutting off her blue hair is a symbolic gesture of her wanting to change, in order to conform to societal standards. In the song they emphasize the drastic change of the girl cutting of her blue hair by repeating it in the last part of every …show more content…

First the girl asks for conformation that she is pretty after she cut of her blue hair. The parent figure proceeds to refer to the girl as a fraud. This because the girl cut of her blue hair, a symbol of her uniqueness, and now the parent no longer believe that she is herself. Thus, her beauty is also taken away. The parent explains that the girl can’t win, referring to having a good life, if she conforms to the societal stereotype of a “dumb blond”. With this in mind, we can clearly see that the girl is having an identity crisis as she is getting older. It seems like she has problems with accepting that it is all right not to be like everyone else. Not only is the theme in this song identity, but also loss. It appears that the parent figure is grieving the loss of the girl. The parent has not lost the girl figuratively but deals with the loss of her individuality, as illustrated in the last chorus; “And I guess I'll just miss her, Even though she isn't even really gone”, “But things are just different, Ever since she cut her blue hair off”, the lines captures the sense of distance and disconnect that has emerged between the two after the girl cut of her

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