Crossroads Blues Analysis

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. “Crossroads Blues” → Robert Johnson (2:38)
• This song will play briefly at the beginning of Act II, Scene I as a means to foreshadow forthcoming events. This song is ideal for Fences and this scene in particular for two reasons: 1) the soulfulness of blues music perfectly embodies the trials and tribulations that have defined Troy’s life (i.e., running away from home, going to prison, not being able to father his son Lyons, etc.). The pain that this type of music evokes is well suited to Troy’s plight. 2) The lyrics of this song are an excellent indicator of Troy’s internal struggle. Ultimately, he is at a crossroads in his mairrage and he has the choice to either confess to his infidelities or continue to lie to Rose. Therefore, “Crossroads
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I selected this particular effect because it was an extremely realistic depiction of a crying newborn. By having Troy’s child cry loudly and continuously, the audience will be reminded of the arduous labor required to care for a baby. Thus, they will be able to sympathize with Rose when see decides to adopt the infant as her own.
8. Hammer Sound Effect → (0:13)
• This effect will be used interchangeably with the handsaw sound effect in Act II, Scene I. As explained above, the Maxton family fence is a symbolic representation of the internal struggles of many characters in the play. By hearing an audible hammering sound, the audience will be compelled to the keep the fence in the forefront of their minds as the plot progresses.
9. Monty Python and the Holy Grail Intermission Track → (2:37)
• This track will serve as pre-show music that will begin to play 15 minutes prior to the start of the production. I chose this particular song because it has a lighthearted feel that will complement the comedic dialogue between Troy and Bono in Act I, Scene I. Also, this song is reminiscent of organ music that one might hear at a baseball or football game. Thus, this song will help introduce the audience to the sports related themes and dialogue that play a prominent role in
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At this point in the play, Troy has lost everything (his wife, his son, and even Bono to an extent). “Summertime” is a slow, melancholy tune that pairs well with Troy’s emotional state at the conclusion of Act II, Scene IV (i.e., right after Corey leaves). Ultimately, Troy is no longer in control of his own life and he senses death looming. This song will enhance the audience’s understanding of Troy’s thoughts and feelings at this crucial moment. [Note: this song should only play for about 30-45 seconds.]
13. Roberto Clemente 3,000th Hit → (0:33)
• This is an old clip of Pittsburg Pirates outfielder Roberto Clemente getting his 3,000th hit. This clip will be perfect for Act 2, Scene 3, when Rose is sitting on the porch listening to a baseball game on the radio. Earlier in the play, Troy discusses how Roberto Clemente is not receiving adequate playing time due to the color of his skin. Thus, this clip will help to connect these two scenes in a subtle way and reinforce the theme of race. Furthermore, the triviality of the baseball game will be contrasted with the serious discussion that is about to take place in regards to Troy’s new
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