The Theme Of Love In 'Fences' By August Wilson

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The play “Fences” by August Wilson shows the dynamics in relationships and the multiple dramatic means by which they are established by using one pinnacle point. Wilson uses his main character Troy to stem of four other types of relationships. He shows the complexities of marriage and love in the relationship between Troy and Troy’s wife, Rose. He shows the commitment and betrayal of in the relationship between Troy and Troy’s Brother, Gabriel. He shows the father and son complex in the relationship between Troy and Troy’s son, Cory. And finally he shows true friendship in the relationship between Troy and Troy’s best friend, Bono. Wilson masterfully crafts the novel to show many different types of relationships in a short three acts. …show more content…

Troy cheats on his extremely faithful wife with a younger woman and has a baby with her. Wilson seems to set the scene with Rose, Troy’s wife. Even through trials and tribulation with Troy, Rose stays with him. Wilson sets up Rose as almost the model wife of the time period. She is faithful, always has dinner ready, and is available for Troy’s nighttime pleasures when ever he pleases. From the readers point of view, it is obvious that Rose is too good for Troy, but Rose constantly is faithful to Troy. This shows a special aspect of marriage and the relationship between Troy and Rose. It shows the level of commitment it takes to be in a marriage, but it also show the lack of commitment and gratitude that could be in a marriage. Troy ends up cheating on Rose, because he began to take what he had for granted. He became uncomfortable in he strong and lasting relationship and looked elsewhere for happiness, when in reality his happiness was found inside his home, with in Rose. Wilson effectively shows through the conflict within their marriage both fairfullness and adultery, giving light to the endless complexities to love and relationships. It shows that many people will forsake you, even if you give them the

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