Eudora Welty's Delta Wedding

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The novel Delta Wedding written by Eudora Welty begins in September of 1923 with nine year old Laura, who has just arrived at her mother 's family 's house in Fairchild Mississippi. Her 17 year old cousin Dabney is soon to be married to Troy Flavin. The overseer of their cotton plantation. A true tight knit Southern family does not easily accept outsiders. The Fairchild family disapproves of Dabney marrying Troy. They do not think he is not the right man to be marrying their beloveded Dabney. Throughout the novel Troy makes many attempts to get the family on his side, but with all of the family home for the wedding the chaos is at an all time high. Though the family seems to be able to put that aside their disputes for Dabneys special day.
The Delta: a place where you are either in or you 're out. Welty uses the minor character Troy to portray how tight-knit and unaccepting the Fairchild family is to those who are not their own. Although …show more content…

The big day has arrived, it 's the last chance. If the family could accept one outsider then they could accept Tory they just could not see his potential. He was soon to be married to their daughter they would have to accept him one way or another. In the novel, it is not made certain that if the family finally accepts Troy or not. Reisman thinks that the family has accepted Troy she states “Troy, who is socially and culturally inferior to the Fairchilds, should feel totally rejected. However, he does not. The Fairchilds have come to appreciate his virtues, his diligence, his love of the land, and his understanding of Dabney’s need to remain near her roots (Reisman, Rosemary M. Canfield. "Delta Wedding." Magill’S Survey Of American Literature, Revised Edition (2006) par. 3). In other words the family finally comes around and see that Troy is a good person and can be good for Dabney. He has the right morals and understands that they want her to stay near their home. They have not totally accepted him, but they don 't hate

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