The Importance Of Relationships In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

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In Jane Austen 's romantic novel Pride and Prejudice, family and community assume great responsibility for their members. Family members and the community interact with each other, building relationships crucial to the larger meaning of Austen’s work. Each relationship is very important because they are meant for survival. In these relationships, individuals had to depend on one another, follow traditions, and be recognized in society which conveys that the individual needs this type of community to survive. During the 1800s, land ownership and inheritance were deeply connected to courtship and marriage. Women depended on men for mainly just that reason while men depended on women for children. Likewise, Charlotte Lucas was …show more content…

Unlike the rest, they found an interest in each other because they were both genuinely in love for each other. It is important to realize that this relationship offers an even better chance of survival. Their relationship helps their financial, social, and sentimental family situation better than the other mutual attraction towards each other will eventually ensure offspring to carry on the family name. To begin with, Darcy was already a wealthy man with no need to find a spouse with an agreeable amount of inheritance and accomplishments. Notably, Elizabeth had nothing more than herself that she could offer to him. Her family background was questionable, her accomplishments was limited, and her manners was rambunctious. She is completely dependent on her relationship with Darcy since he offers her more than what’s needed. What he offers her, and her family is a good reputation, better social status, and most importantly, money. Not only that, but he was the one who allowed for two of the Bennet sisters a chance at marriage. And as a bonus, she gets to marry with the intention of actual loving the person, and not the money. As for him, all he really needs is the perfect person who loves him not for his wealth, but for his personality and character. In this situation, they will both live a comfortable life without fear of losing it to anyone. Because they are both in a

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