What Is The Relationship Between Family And Family

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In Jane Austen 's romantic novel Pride and Prejudice, family and community assume great responsibility for their members. Family members and the community interact with each other, building relationships crucial to the larger meaning of Austen’s work. Each relationship is very important because they are meant for survival. In these relationships, individuals had to depend on one another, follow traditions, and be recognized in society which conveys that the individual needs this type of community to survive. During the 1800s, land ownership and inheritance were deeply connected to courtship and marriage. Women depended on men for mainly just that reason while men depended on women for children. Likewise, Charlotte Lucas was depending on her family since she did not marry yet. Knowing that no one will marry her, she accepts his proposal just so that she could have a husband that will care for her. His proposal was her gateway ticket to a secure marriage. As for Mr. Collins, he married her because of the pressure he felt from Lady Catherine. This dependent relationship between the two of them contributes to their relationship that would provide her money and a home, a place to stay that would secure her fate and ensure the best pathway to success. They needed each other so that they could live a life acceptable to those in society and to their own taste. Mr. Collins worshipped Lady Catherine and followed her every day. If he did not marry, he would not be

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