Pride And Prejudice Elizabeth Bennet Character Analysis

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Nicole Yeakley
English III Honors
9 February 2018
Pride and Prejudice In the book, Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet is the second daughter of Mr. Bennet and the novels protagonist. The five Bennet sisters are Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia, listed in birth order. Elizabeth has many different characteristics, which include being intelligent, lovely, clerver, and of course honest. Her spirited personality causes her to ignore the craziness and extreme behaviors that happen in her society. Throughout the novel, Elizabeth works through overcoming obstacles that come in the way of her romantic life. Not only does Darcy change her influence with the relationships she has with other characters, but Elizabeth’s family members also influence her relationship with characters as well as other characters in Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth 's relationship does not have the best relationship with her family members. Mrs. Bennet is not close to Elizabeth, or any of her daughters that well. Mrs. Bennet does not put much effort into getting to know her children. The Bennet daughters mom is self centered, which explains why she treats her children the way she does. All she wants is for her daughters to marry a man who is high in the social class and is rich. Mrs. Bennet stresses over this during the whole …show more content…

Fitzwilliam Darcy’s relationship. Darcy is a very wealthy man, who is the owner of Pemberley. He is honest and smart but his extreme self confidence causes problems throughout the book, especially with Elizabeth. Elizabeth 's first impression of darcy created a bad way of how she viewed him. They first met at the Meryton ball and Darcy refused to dance with anyone except for the Bingley sisters and only interacted with a Bingley. Later on, Elizabeth meets Mr. Wickham and thinks greatly of him. Mr. Wickham is a great looking man who is flirty with Elizabeth which influences her interest in

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