Change In Elizabeth And Elizabeth's Pride And Prejudice

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Change is an essential part of life, and change in character throughout one’s life is a necessary aspect of being human. In Pride and Prejudice, several characters undergo some form change between the beginning and end of the book. However, in all other characters, these changes are neither as pronounced nor as focused on as with Elizabeth and Darcy. Throughout the book, Darcy and Elizabeth serve as the primary examples of the prevalent themes of “pride” and “prejudice” respectively. Elizabeth demonstrates her change from a critical, prejudice-prone woman through her relationship with Darcy, and Darcy demonstrates his change from a condemnatory, presumptuous man through his relationship with Elizabeth and behavior towards her relations. Elizabeth’s most significant change in Pride and Prejudice pertained to her regard for Darcy, which eventually revealed her new willingness to overcome her own prejudice. Early on, while talking to Jane about Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth declared that “to find a man agreeable whom one is determined to hate” would be “the greatest misfortune of all” (89). Throughout the first half of the book, Elizabeth served as the embodiment of prejudice, in that she was so insistent on hating that she would have found displeasure in discovering benevolence in another person. This was shown in her initial view of Darcy, in which virtually nothing could have redeemed him in her eyes from anything more than a conceited man of wealth. The most significant change of

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