Relationship Between Elizabeth's Relationships In Pride And Prejudice

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Tanner Knauer
English IV
Mrs. Schroeder
Elizabeth’s Relationships Throughout the novel Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet experienced many different types of people and forms relationships with them. These relationships helped mold Elizabeth to who she became at the end of the novel. Elizabeth was the second oldest out of the Bennet daughters but never really stood out because she was described as plain. It was her quick wit and intelligence which separated her from the rest of the daughters. She was never like her younger sisters, Kitty and Lydia, who would run around chasing boys and did not have the appealing looks of Jane, the oldest daughter. Everything in Elizabeth’s life changed when Charles Bingley decided to rent out Netherfield. The Bennet family …show more content…

and Mrs. Bennet like to be involved in Elizabeth’s life. Elizabeth is Mr Bennet’s favorite daughter because she acts just like him, sarcastic and quick wit. Mrs. Bennet is obsessed with finding her daughters a husband, no matter who it was. Mrs. Bennet attempted to get Elizabeth and Mr Collins together when he visited. Mr Collins originally planned on proposing to Jane but Mrs Bennet tricked him by telling him that Jane was close to being engaged and that Elizabeth is in need of a husband. Elizabeth finds her mother’s marriage obsession annoying but somewhat reasonable. She understands that marriage is very important to a young girl but feels like her mother is a bit too crazy about it considering her daughters are getting married, not her. Without Mrs Bennet pushing the girls to be married, Jane would have never met Bingley and Elizabeth would have never met Darcy. The relationship between Elizabeth and her parents is not one of her strongest but is one of the more influential in her life. Her mother and father are very different people and Elizabeth acts more like her father than her mother. This causes Elizabeth’s outgoing nature and her ability to carry herself as confidently as she

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