Elizabeth Proctor's Character In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Leave Me Alone to I Love You Real Quick Is it even possible for a human’s personality to change? The question that will always be guaranteed to spark conversation. That being said, the characters present in The Crucible was no exception to the diverse questions conversation. The events taking place in the book had tested many character's attributes. Including, Elizabeth Proctor, who went from an emotionless, cold hearted, judgmental, conceded women to an admirable, loving wife, willing to do whatever she could for her husband, in a short time frame. From the time she found out about the affair, to realizing she had been neglecting John by not placing his needs into perspective, to finally step up as a loving wife wanting to protect her love. …show more content…

Soon it was revealed just as she suspected, John had been cheating on her. In matters of making things worse, it was with their servant Abigail Williams, who had an alarming obsession with John. Thus causing Abigail to have had made it her mission to destroy Elizabeth, pushing her out of the way so nothing stood in-between the two adulterous characters from being together. Abigail had turned to conjuring spirits with hope they will take care of the obstacle she had been presented with, the obstacle being Elizabeth. When caught Abigail immediately started with threats made to the other girls involved, soon pointing finger after finger, selfishly only trying to protect herself, soon enough she will have plotted to have Elizabeth convicted. Before that, Abigail and John had soon had an encounter where she explained what she did, she had also presented John with a threat. John went to Elizabeth to share what he was just learning about the situation in Salem. This angered Elizabeth that John went to see Abigail. Soon her demanding personality took over, causing her to order John to go in front of the court in …show more content…

It is what she had been known for, never telling a lie, always someone you could depend on for the truth. With this in mind, after John confessed to committing adultery with Abigail, the courts called Elizabeth to either confirm or deny the story. In the hopes of saving her husband’s name he worked so hard to maintain, she lied. Her first lie, all out of love for her husband. Sadly, this was not the right thing to help John from death. John had told the truth to free his wife, whom he had loved. With the intention of saving her husband whom she had loved, it backfired, failing miserably. The lie had resulted in John being sentenced to being hung. As Elizabeth is finished speaking the lie in court one would see that John proclaimed, “ “ (Miller, ,). Elizabeth’s last encounter with John was one where she asked for his forgiveness, “ “ (Miller, ,). It had become obvious Elizabeth had grown true feelings on a deeper level for her husband as the time in the story went on. Now she finally realized how she use to be was really damaging to the both of them, it did not create a happy, balanced marriage. If the person from the start had been placed in the same position at the end, there would be have been a different

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