The Crucible Abigail And Proctor Relationship Analysis

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The Relationship Between Proctor and Abigail #2 John Proctor and Abigail Williams have a very complicated relationship, that heavily influences the events throughout the play, The Crucible. Without these few events, the witch trials may have never begun. But what were these few events? For one, Abigail and Proctor had an affair. Abigail was a house maid for Elizabeth and John Proctor. Elizabeth is a very religious and go by the book person. She never lies and always tries to do the Christian thing. This led to her creating a “cold home” with her husband, John. John was lacking excitement and lust in his marriage, so he turned to Abigail, who was more than happy to oblige. Elizabeth finds out about the affair and confronts John. John feels guilty and realizes…show more content…
Elizabeth cannot be hanged because she is pregnant and the child inside her is innocent. John finds Abigail and tells her to stop all this nonsense and to never mention Elizabeth’s name in court again. Abigail is then found with a needle into her and blames it on Elizabeth. Soon enough John gets accused of witchcraft and has to confess to it or he will hang. While he’s in jail, Abigail asks him to run away with her to Boston so that they could be together and so that he wouldn’t get hung; John refuses. John is put on a trail and won’t confess to witchcraft, so he is hanged. The whole reason Abigail started all this witchcraft mess was so that she could get rid of Elizabeth and marry John, and John is the one who ends up getting killed. If Abigail and John never would have had an affair, then Abigail wouldn’t have wanted to marry him, and she wouldn’t have asked Tituba to do Voodoo, which is what gets the girls in trouble to start with. John and Abigail’s affair caused them to have a complicated relationship, which turned into Abigail doing Voodoo, which led to the girls getting caught and being accused of witchcraft. If Abigail and John would have never
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