Who's To Blame In The Crucible

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Who's to Blame For the Salem Witch Trails? In Arthur Miller's "The Crucible," Abigail Williams, Judge Danforth, and John Proctor are responsible for the witch trials. Not only is Abigail one of the characters responsible for the witch trails, but she is the one who instigated the witchcraft fervor within Salem. John is one of the characters responsible for the trails because he has an affair with Abigail. Lastly, Judge Danforth is one of the characters responsible for the trails because he convicts many people, and he leads them to their death without fully examining all the evidence that is put in front of him. Ultimately, all three of these characters are responsible for the witch trials due to their individual failings. Abigail …show more content…

Abigail can be claimed for starting the chaos in Salam, but Danforth is to blame for all of the lives taken. He has authority over everybody in the town and all of the accused lives are in his hands. On many occasions Danforth is given evidence about the accused, but does not fully examine it because he wants to preserve his reputation as Deputy governor. Abigail got the chaos started in Salem but he could've stopped the hangings ate any time, but he didn't. Deep down Danforth knows that the girls story is a fraud, but many of the accused have already hanged, so he contains to preserve his reputation. Reverand Hale is responsible for the witch trials becase he lends his expiertise in the matter to Abigals advantage. On many occasions, Hale supported some of Abigals clames in the court, and without his input on the matter the claims may have never been taken seriously by the Judges. Hale believes the girls and supports Abiglals claims until Elizebeth and Rebecca are arrested, and at that time he relizes that the girls are a fraud. Even though Hale is now on the accused side and is trying to keep them from hanging, the damage is already done, and without Hale, the court might have not taken Abgigal seriously. But because Hale is supposed to be "the expert" they believed him. In conclusion, Abigal Williams, Judge Danforth, and Reverand Hale are

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