The Crucible Pros And Cons Essay

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As time has passed, throughout history, during different periods of time there are parallels. There are three eras that we are focussed on, where there are three types of people during each era. The three different eras that we’re focusing on, are The Salem Witch Trials (1600s), The McCarthy Era (1950s), and Today (2000s); the three types of people are the people who are the reasons why there’s accusations towards the accused, the accused, and finally the accusers. In The Crucible, or during the Salem Witch Trials, the person that’s the reason why characters were accused is John Proctor. The accuser in the play, who decides to point fingers at everyone, is Abigail Williams. One of the innocent characters that are accused is Elizabeth …show more content…

The main accuser during this time was Joseph McCarthy. The people who were accused were just everyday people. Joseph McCarthy said that he knew people who are members of the communist party working for the government, he may have done this because he didn’t like those people. This scared everyone, primarily because during the years that followed WWII everyone feared communist. So after McCarthy made these statements, it almost made like a ripple effect by having everyday people, being accused of people that “suspected” that they were communists as well. And as a result of everyday people being accused, they would be put on a blacklist. In today’s world, the person that has caused others to be accused is Osama Bin Laden. The people that play the role of the accuser, is the American government. And the people who are accused are Muslim Refugees from the middle east. After the 9/11 terrorists attacks that were organized by Osama Bin Laden, who was a muslim extremist, the American government hasn’t looked at almost any muslim the same. The American government subconsciously accuses the muslim refugees of being terrorists, due to past actions of people who happened to be muslims from the middle

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