Salem Witch Trial Essay On The Crucible

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The Salem Witch Trials

The Salem witch trials affected many people. Salem Massachusetts has a deep history. It is known for witchcraft. Some were plead guilty and some were falsely accused.

The Salem Witch accusations began in 1692. It actually began in Bay Colony
Massachusetts. 144 people were accused of witchcraft. 20 people were executed for it. Woman were mainly accused of witchcraft. According to the pope anyone who would give themselves to

the devil was a witch and they should be killed. (Linder Douglas 1) (Boraas)

The first to be accused was a woman named Tituba she was a slave from Barbados, She was the first to admit to it, even after denying it.She was accused because the Reverands daughter and niece began acting strangely and the doctor said they were bewitched. They would scream and throw fits. Tituba also gave the names of Sarah Good and Sarah Osborn, and accused them of witchcraft. For a long time Sarah Osborn did not attend church.Sarah Good was a beggar.The woman who would confess would live. The ones that would not, were hung.That was the deal of the trials.(Linder Douglas) …show more content…

It was said to have an outgrowth of skin. It was reported she looked at a building and it fell to the ground.On June 2, 1692 she was found guilty and hung at Gallows Hill.
(Linder Douglas)

On March 11, 1962 Martha Corey went on trial. Many were

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