Abigail Presence In The Crucible

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Although Abigail Williams does not physically appear in Act 2, her presence is felt throughout The Crucible. She affects and hurts the lives of her family. She is the main source of trouble. If she wants something, she'll get it. At the beginning, there is a lot of closeness between her and the proctor family. Now we learn that all of the problems lead directly to Abigail. She is not to be trusted and would just bring pain. Abigail presence is felt throughout the story in many ways. At the beginning of Act 2, they are eating dinner and talking. After they're done, Elizabeth starts talking about how Mary Warren went to the court to accuse Abigail. While they were talking, Elizabeth finds out that John was alone with Abigail for a moment. She starts to get a little jealous and loses some of his trust. Whenever Elizabeth and John talk about Abigail their relationship is awkward and uncomfortable. They get into an argument where Elizabeth wants to help, but John doesn't listen to her. When Mary Warren comes in, she gives Elizabeth a poppet she sewed at work. It is later revealed that the poppet is dangerous and was mentioned by Abigail. Hale comes in and asks John why he's so absent on Sabbath Day. He later asks John to recite the ten commandments where he forgets one, thou shall not commit adultery. He committed adultery when he had an affair with Abigail. John also confesses that Abigail told him that the children's sickness doesn't deal with witchcraft. Later on Cheever comes to get Elizabeth. Cheever asks for any puppets in the household and only gets Mary's poppet. He searches it and finds a …show more content…

She tries to push Elizabeth out of her way and is very manipulative. She never gives up. She's the cause of problems. She tears the Proctor family apart and leaves people crying. She deserves to go to Court and face the

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