How Did Abigail Williams Change In The Crucible

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There are many important characters in the book The Crucible. But there are three characters that you might be able to say that they are changed after all the witch talk is over. There are other characters that were left different than how they came into the story. For example Rev. Hale came to town a young man with the knowledge of the spiritual world and the devil, god all the witch stuff as well. The three characters that can be proven where most effected or maybe even most involve. The characters that without them in the book it wouldn't make the book as good or it wouldn't be the same. Those three characters are John Proctor, Abigail Williams and John’s wife Elizabeth Proctor. John Proctor is a very strong and handsome man you can say. He is married and has three young boys. Two of which have been baptised but for his third son has not yet been. Also a while back the Proctors had a maid or you can say a house sitter. And that person was Abigail Williams and she was there maid for a while you can say. But then Abigail …show more content…

She is 17 years of age and lives with her younger sister, her uncle and the slave tituba. She was once working for the Proctor house as a type of maid. After she is kicked out she goes back to her house and doesn't get another job. But john and her still did their sin and yet nobody knows. As the book goes on she’s then gets upset because she can't john and she wants him because she misses what they did together. So her next step is witchcraft and she gets all the town girls to join in with her. So then they play off all the people they hate and say they have seen them the devil when they really didn't. And when comes to abigail the first name that she is Elizabeth because she knows if she can get rid of her then john will be alone and then she'll be able to have him for her. But at the end of the book she is affected but not as much as the other two

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