Who Is Abigail Williams Responsible In The Crucible

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Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible in 1953. Arthur Miller wrote the play because he was inspired by McCarthyism. McCarthyism was the hunt for communists that was taken too far. In The Crucible he presented a universal message. He was comparing how communists did exist and witches did not, but yet they were both taken as serious. He was explaining how if anyone stood up to the witch trials in Salem, 1600s they would face immediate arrest, the hardest interrogation and possibly even the rope. People who were even thought to be communists would be trialed with un-American activities. Miller wouldn’t have written The Crucible if he wasn’t trialed on un-American activities. Witchcraft is the beliefs and practicing of magic spells to create unnatural happenings. A crucible is a metal container that is used to melt metals and separate valuable metals from the less valuable ones, it can also be a severe test of life. The title of Arthur Miller's play The Crucible is symbolic to both these terms. In act one of The Crucible, Abigail Williams was the most responsible person for the hysterical witchcraft in Salem. Abigail Williams was the person who was most responsible …show more content…

Some people might infer in how she was the one who brought the kids to the woods to dance. Although this point seem as it is what caused the chaos, it was mostly when Abigail scared the girls off by drinking he chicken’s blood. Abigail had blamed Tituba by saying that Tituba would force her to drink the blood but Abigail has actually done it by herself. Abigail said “she makes me drink blood”(1109). She says that to save herself from a whipping but it only causes chaos throughout Salem. Abigail blames her when in reality she was the one who grabbed the chicken and drank it's blood causing the girls to run off and create chaos. Abigail then went on a lying streak to save her

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