How Does John Proctor Change In The Crucible

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Another character that experienced a massive change in “The Crucible” is John Proctor. When we are first introduced to John Proctor he is talking to Abigail. This scene reveals that he is having an affair with Abigail, showing his disloyalty to hit wife Elizabeth. He is willingly being disloyal to his wife and selfishly choosing Abigail over her. In at 2 he discovers that his wife is being accused of witchcraft and Abigail is at the forefront of the accusation. Proctor knows it is his fault that the accusation was made and he now know he must do anything to save his wife. As the play goes on Proctor begins to realize that his wife is the one who really loves him, as Abigail will so quickly throw anyone, including him, under the bus. John

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