How Does Abigail Williams Present Power In The Crucible

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In the play The Crucible, the author uses character description, actions, and dialogue, Author Williams demonstrates the theme of power towards Abigail Williams. The author firstly shows the use of dialogue towards Abigail, her actions demonstrate how she is trying to create fear and intimidation in her peers. In Act one, Abigal reveals her hostile, selfish self. After the witchcraft was taken place between the girls, that did eventually result in Betty falling sick after the conjuring in the forest. Although many events did occur in act one, Abigail shows how she is a brilliant liar toward Parris and the town. Abigal threatens the girls if they speak of anything that did happen, and to only travel of their dancing, and how Titub conjured …show more content…

She allows her threats to get to them if they disobey her orders. Dialogue shows the main point of how Abigail uses her selfishness, and how much she controls the girls within the story. Secondly, the author uses Character actions to portray Abigail’s fear of the people who happen to be afraid of witchcraft to gain more power for herself. Abigail once again uses her manipulation in situations to gain her own power. After her falling and stabbing at reverend Parris's house she uses her jealousy towards Elizabeth and applies that Elizabeth Procter used witchcraft against Abigail during her stabbing, Abigail proceeds to stick herself with needles that Mary Warren gave to Elizabeth to make it look more believable that she is taking the place of witchcraft, these accusations do eventually leave Elizabeth being charged. Act 2, pg 71 Abigail William accuses Elizabeth Procter of witchcraft. Act 2 Pg 71 Cheever says “She-to protector now-testify it was your wife's familiar spirit that pushed it in.” This quote in act 2 shows her ability to use her power against anybody by mixing in a little lie about …show more content…

You can never miss Abigail being a selfish liar ever, yet she has many reasons to cover her description, She took it too far when she tries and attempts to guilt trip John Protector into continuing their affair. Since Abigail has a huge amount of jealousy towards Elizabeth, and yet she doesn't want to admit it. Abigail is still deeply in love with John and is wishing he would end up feeling the same and leaving his family for her. John refuses many times because he wants to end the affair with her to protect his family. Act 1 pg 22 ”You loved me, John Procter, and whatever sin it is, You love me yet! John, pity me, pity me!” Abigail thinks by insulting Elizabeth and trying to guilt trip him into feeling bad for her, she believes he may cave in and continue to “Love” her and continue their affair. Although Abigail Williams has many different features to herself and her personality, which has been proven throughout the book. Abigail is crazy for balming, stealing, and making people's life miserable. As the author uses character description, character actions, and dialogue, toward Abigail he shows how he has a good demonstration of the theme and power that is directed toward Abigail Williams. The dialogue has shown how Abigail uses intimidation to scare her peers and control her peers into doing what she is telling them at the time, that moment. She threatens

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