How Does Elizabeth Proctor Show Sacrifice In The Crucible

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In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, most of the characters are those of weak values, afraid to stand up for what is truly right. They see the actions of others, willing to give their lives to show that the leaders have it all wrong, and continue to persecute innocent people. Elizabeth is not such a character; she is devoted, strong and sees what is wrong in Salem. She does not give in to the lies, despite it nearly costing her life. Elizabeth Proctor’s strength and bravery help her to endure a struggling marriage, an accusation of witchcraft, and her husband’s actions as a martyr. Early on, Elizabeth is confronted with the issue of a struggling marriage. She and her husband John find that their relationship is rather strained because Elizabeth…show more content…
She is faced with helping her husband make the biggest and most final choice in his life so far. Since they have been apart for a while, separated by prison, it would be incredibly easy for her to say that he should live and give up his good name just so she can still have her husband and her kids have their father. It would be incredibly difficult for her to see John for a few minutes after a long time apart and say he can sacrifice himself for the greater good. However, she sees the situation as that: him sacrificing himself for the greater good. She is also strong enough to admit part of the blame is her own, that she has a hand in the guilt he feels about their relationship. His guilt is what is driving him to prove himself good. This leads her to decide she is not in a place to judge his actions or control his future, so she says to John, “Do what you will. But let none be your judge. There be no higher judge under Heaven than Proctor is!” (137). She stands as figure of strength for John, for her kids and unborn child, and for Salem. She gives up her husband so he can do what he believes, so he can show what is right to Salem. She knows he would not be able to stand himself, live with himself, if he stayed alive after the deaths of so many innocent people, so she puts her needs aside and tells John what he needs to…show more content…
After her husband’s affair, their relationship is very weak and it is difficult for Elizabeth to even see her husband’s face. Next, Elizabeth is accused of witchcraft, and she has to go to jail for crimes that she never committed. Finally, her husband is also accused of working with the devil, and either has to die whilst telling the truth, or live based on a lie. She puts aside her needs and says what is best for her husband, and what will set the best example for her kids. All of these situations require strength in order for her to survive them. Elizabeth’s bravery and strength is a huge part of who she is. She is a source of goodness among so many others who chose to go along with the madness. Values as strong as these provide a shed of light in the midst of something as detrimental as the witch trials, where the poor values of others cost dozens of
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