The Role Of Women In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

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It is evident from reading Austen’s novel; Pride and Prejudice, that she possess a certain sense of empathy towards the female population and the roles they played in society. From the way in which the narrator speaks of the different female characters and how the female characters interact and develop throughout the plot, the women in this novel convey Austen’s distaste for the position women had in society during that period of time. In this essay I will discuss how the female characters view women and their roles in society and how they discuss topics such as; marriage, the ways in which a “proper” lady should behave, the roles of women in the family and finally how Elizabeth Bennet, the heroine in this story, portrays Austen’s subtle notion of rebellion towards these social constructs to which these women are tied to. …show more content…

The concept of a woman working and earning her own money was rarely spoken of. Education was giving to men as a priority over women. There was also certain rules and regulations woven into society which depicted how a woman should behave. Their mannerisms, the way they spoke, the hobbies they enjoyed and how they presented themselves physically, were all monitored by society. For many families, a daughters’ purpose was to marry a man who could sustain their family with financial security. Marriage was their main goal in their life, much like that of the Bennet family. These social constructs were buried deep into the lives of many men and women, and most women abided firmly to these rules, many with pride. From reading Austen’s novel, Pride and Prejudice however, it is clear that Austen was one of the few women of this time, who did not wish to condone these rules of a patriarchal society. She portrays these views through the depictions of her female

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