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As a villain, Troy Maxson exhibits characters that display him using his failing flaw as being stubborn and egocentric. Fences is a play written by August Wilson whose setting can be traced back to the middle of the 20th century (Weber). The central theme addressed in this play is a life of a man who is faced with discrimination and failures. In the play, Troy is a black man in his early fifties and he exhibits traits that paint him both as a villain and a hero. The way he talks and behaves creates a picture in people’s minds that he is a cruel and challenging person to relate with, but he also has good and admirable character and sense of humor.
Troy is seen as a character that portrays negative ambitions and values to everyone, when the …show more content…

Sometimes, truth can be so hurting that it becomes impossible to bear, especially if it carries some elements of shame and guilt. However, a responsible person should accept their mistakes and do whatever it takes to rectify the errors, and even ask for forgiveness. On the other hand, evil people will always fight truth and never want it to be revealed. Troy, in this play, is a replica of a wrong person whose actions and character has caused suffering to other people. When truth dawns upon him, he feels terrible and intensifies his acts of building fences around himself because he never gives his family a chance of knowing and understanding him. This trait is revealed when his son Cory confronts him and tells him how he has been a terrible father and how he destroyed his dreams in the fear of his son being more successful than him. Cory also openly tells him how he treated his mother in an inhuman way by impregnating another woman. Troy, instead of lowering his tone and accepting the reality, goes ahead and drives his son out of his house, claiming that he is man enough to fend for himself. It is quite ironical that Troy is chasing Cory out of a house which legally belongs to his brother Gabriel. Troy is a character who personifies individuals who make intentional mistakes that they want excused while they have caused physical and emotional suffering to other parties …show more content…

In as much as Troy exhibits a villain personality throughout the play, he can also be regarded as a hero. He is at the center of the play and the main character whom the audience focuses on. There are various incidences in which Troy has portrayed his heroic nature. First and foremost, Troy is a brave and courageous individual with a wild imagniation. He is seen to courageously approach his boss and request for a driving job instead of collecting garbage like other colored persons who have fallen victims of racist influence. Despite the fact that he does not possess a driving license, he forges ahead and goes to the boss. Finally, he succeeds and is employed as a garbage truck driver. The boss who he approaches is also a white who is rarely expected to give in to the request of Troy; echo is a colored individual. In such a situation, Troy has displayed bravery and self-esteem regardless of the little reputation and social status attributed to the blacks (Weales). It is true that Troy was unfaithful in his marriage. Initially, he did not want Rose to know of his secret affairs with Alberta. Even when he realized that Alberta was pregnant, he did not immediately it disclose to Rose. Even revealing such a thing is shameful and almost impossible since it takes a lot of courage to do that (Weber). Troy finally announced the sad news to his wife who became quite furious but at long last they reached a consensus. If Troy had not amassed enough courage to tell his wife of his

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