Troy Maxson Character Analysis

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According to the play’s story, Troy Maxson is the main character of the play. He is a bit of a complicated character. He is a very stubborn, self-centered person who lives in his own world. He created his own illusions and lived in them. Troy’s actions throughout the play are influenced by his way of thinking, broken child hood, and past mistakes. Troy chose to escape his reality by having an affair that gives him some laughs and good time every now and then. However, despite the flaws in Troy’s character, he was a providing family man who wants to insure a better life of his sons than the one he had. Based on the play’s time period, which took place at the 50’s, apparently the main problem of Troy Maxson’s character was racism against African Americans at the time that had prevented him from achieving his dreams. Throughout the play, Troy expresses his dissatisfaction in several scenes with the other characters. According “Black Power: Radical Politics and African American Identity” by Jeffrey O. G. Ogbar, during the 1950s, African Americans has struggled to live their regular daily basis. They were exposed to many aspects of …show more content…

Troy believes that is better for Cory if he had a real job, something that no one can take form him and to provide a stable economic security for him. In Troy’s mind if Cory goes for the football thing, which is controlled by the whites, his dreams might be destroyed and he doesn’t want that for his son. Of course that resulted in disturbed relationship between Troy and Cory. Troy’s way in protecting or caring for his son might be harsh, that can be refers for Troy’s relationship with his father as the plays shows. Troy refuses to acknowledge that times have changed and Cory can be something if he plays, instead he ruined his son’s

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