Summary Of August Wilson's Fences

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If you ask anyone about the Aborigines of Australia, many will think about the didgeridoo, the vibrant-storytelling art, or maybe the rich history that has lasted for around 60,000 years. However, many would not know about the haunting horrors of the “Stolen Generation”, a term used for historical event of when Aboriginal children were taken away and separated from their parents. During the 20th century, lawmakers decided that the Aboriginal race did not have a substantial future and so between the years of 1910 and 1970, over 100,000 Aboriginal children were extracted from their homes. This led to a near termination of Aboriginal culture, white-washing the 60,000 year history the Aboriginals had established before the British arrived in the late 1700s. The failed attempt by the Australian government to assimilate Aboriginal children into English-Australian culture left the children who were split from their parents permanently damaged. August Wilson’s Fences takes place during the 20th century as well, specifically the 1950s, and follows the lives of a struggling black middle class family. Troy Maxson, the husband and father of the household, is a character that all the relationships in Fences are connected to. After a series of escalating tension between him and his father, we are told by Troy that at fourteen, he struck his father and left his family behind to start a new life. Troy struggles to battle with a personified death or Grim Reaper figure throughout the play.
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