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If you ask anyone about the Aborigines of Australia, many will think about the didgeridoo, the vibrant-storytelling art, or maybe the rich history that has lasted for around 60,000 years. However, many would not know about the haunting horrors of the “Stolen Generation”, a term used for historical event of when Aboriginal children were taken away and separated from their parents. During the 20th century, lawmakers decided that the Aboriginal race did not have a substantial future and so between the years of 1910 and 1970, over 100,000 Aboriginal children were extracted from their homes. This led to a near termination of Aboriginal culture, white-washing the 60,000 year history the Aboriginals had established before the British arrived in the…show more content…
Bradford Wilcox co-led a research study on the importance of fathers in the development of children. They state that fathers have a big impact on the cognitive ability and educational achievements of their children. Part of the study revealed that children who have involved and nurturing fathers are inclined to feel more emotionally secure and have confidence. It is easier for them to build social connections with their peers, and they are less likely to get in trouble in their environment. Troy Maxson did not have an involved father growing up, which would attribute to why Troy struggles with many problems. When Troy left his family behind and moved to Pittsburgh, he met a girl and had a child with her. However, Troy wasn’t there for his new born son because he was incarcerated during his son’s childhood. According to Rosenberg’s and Wilcox’s research, as Troy did not have an involved father, he was more likely to make trouble in his environment and become a violent person. Another part of the study was about the insecurities and confidence issues children who grow up without involved fathers have. Even though Troy tried to be a hardworking and good man, his insecurities and confidence issues shone through when he cheated on Rose and had an extramarital affair. This affair put a huge strain on his relationship with his wife, as Rose practically put an end to their relationship even though they still lived under the same roof. Furthermore, Troy does not have any friendships in Fences, aside from working with Bono. Troy and Bono met in jail and built a relationship from working together cleaning up garbage. Nevertheless, outside of Bono, Troy doesn’t have a clique of friends, a therapist, or anyone he can go to with his deeply rooted problems. Towards the latter end of the play, he stops talking to Bono almost entirely once he is promoted to driving the garbage truck. As stated before, the study revealed that children with
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