Essay On Discrimination Towards Aboriginal Society

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The way that society sees you should not depend on the colour of your skin. Even today, in the 21st century, people in our society judge other human beings by their colour or race. One of the main racism issues is the discrimination towards our Indigenous people. National data from the Challenging Racism Project reveals that 27% of Aboriginal people over the age of 15 experience racism more than once in their life. Racism towards Indigenous Australians includes mostly verbal abuse such as name-calling and insulting language. Exclusion from workplaces and social events also plays a major part in the racial discrimination. Do we really want Australia to be seen as such a racist and prejudiced nation? What can we as individuals do to stop this racial hate from going on? All of this is happening because we stole the Aboriginal people’s land. If we had …show more content…

It is made up of four elements. Ngura; a sense of belonging to home and land, Walytja; family and connecting with life, Kurunpa; love spirit and soul, and Tjuukurpa; the belief about creation and the right way to live. Kanyini is one of the four foundations of Aboriginal life. When we came to Australia and took over the land, our actions took away Kanyini from the Indigenous people. We took away Ngura when we conquered the continent, we took away Tjuukurpa when we made it illegal for the Aborigines to follow their belief system, we took away Kurunpa when we forced Aboriginal children to learn about Christianity, and we took away Walytja when we stole the half-caste children from their families. Can you imagine being a child that has been forced to grow up without the loving care and influence of their mother and father? We as a nation need to recognise what we did wrong, and make it right. We need to find a way to live together in harmony with the rightful owners of this land, and restore the sense of community, responsibility, freedom, and love in the Aboriginal

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