Racism In Australia Essay

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The term racism is when people from different cultures are treated differently based on their race. Racism is a disease with endless consequences . Over time it’s shocking that people think that others are different to them only because of their skin colour and culture. Racism has been and still is a prolific evil in the Australian society. Evidence of this includes The Stolen Generation, migrant treatment and social media. Australia has always been filled with racism, starting with the treatment of indigenous people in the past. Many Indigenous children were forcibly removed from their families as a result of numerous government policies. Most of the indigenous children were adopted into white families. They wanted to create a white society. …show more content…

It has been explored how news media abuse people with different skin colour or religion. For example how they portray black people and constantly associate them with terms like crime. This theory is supported by Diawara where he says, “This tends to leave a negative impression of the certain group in the audience’s mind and they are more likely to associate their future experiences based on their impression.” it is also evident by (couriermail.com) where states, “The new problem is social media – it’s easy for people to hide behind a mobile phone to make racial slurs,”. In other words, it is easy for people to use their mobile phone and by speaking be rude to people from different cultures . Thus, by the uses of different type of information about racism in Australia society, it clear that some people are being racist through social media. In conclusion, it is clear that racism has affected many people, like a contagious disease, following people where ever they go. Racism has been and still is a prolific evil in Australian society. It’s disgusting that people believe there is a different between them and treat each other differently only due to their culture and colour of skin. Literature and media both prove that racism still

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