The Causes Of Racism

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“You don 't fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity.”

Naturally, societies don’t tend to understand change, and it scares them. Similar people in majority have their own principles, and when someone different interferes, they simply try to push it out. These people think that the minorities are their inferior. This belief is known as racism.

Racism is one of the darkest, deepest and disgusting social issues of the world, existing throughout the history of mankind. It is a social construct created by humans to categorise the world. Racism is learned, we are not born with it. The most traditional form of this is discrimination based on one’s skin colour.

The main cause of world-wide racism is the European colonisation of the world. One of the prime of examples of racial discrimination is between the whites and the coloured (commonly; the blacks). It dates back to when the Europeans colonised the Americas by massacring the natives in the late fourteenth century. An estimated hundred million natives died due to the diseases brought by the Europeans. They transferred millions of black Africans from their homeland to America, forcefully, as slaves. Those slaves were used to mine in harsh conditions, for precious metals like gold and were treated as inferior to the whites. Many of them perished in this process while the others suffered their lives as slaves. Other examples include the colonisation of India, Africa and South-East Asia.


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