The Spread Of Racism In America

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“Racism is the belief that characteristics and abilities can be attributed to people simply on the basis of their race and that some racial groups are superior to others. “(Shah, Racism) Throughout the years, cops have been taking their protection to caution to the point where people are stopped unnecessarily because of their race. Racism affects all of us. Furthermore, at least, been impacted from any sort of racism, but mostly young adults aged from 13-17. These problems occur from people spreading hate and typical stereotypes.One recent conflict with racism is about blacks and their protest “Black Lives Matter.” They are exhausted from pointing out the abundant evidence of institutionalized racism that is all around us, tired of calling for a national dialogue on race that has gone unanswered, and exasperated at white people’s inability to empathize and recognize that change is needed.”(Fleshman, “Yes, Racism is still a problem in America”) Where did racism exactly start?…show more content…
In other words, racism is just part of human nature... The best evidence for this assertion is the fact that racism has not always existed. Racism is a particular form of oppression. (Selfa, Slavery and the origins of racism) It’s still going to continue. Consequently, our nation will have to take control of this issue from concerned children to feared adults. Every race is responsible for their take on

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