Troy Is A Hero Essay

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A Tragic Figure But A Hero At Heart Troy is a tragic figure but, also a hero at heart. Why? You may ask, because. He has high expectations for Cory about quitting the football team and getting a job. Troy takes the responsibility of his family and home, has an everlasting love for Raynell. But cheated on Rose, Ran away from his father at a young age and allows his pride to get in the way Although Troy couldn’t make it far in life, he hopes Cory will come to his senses and quit football, get a steady job. Troy only wishes the best for Cory but since he has had his “fights with death.” Troy doesn’t think going to college and getting drafted is what’s best for Cory. His ideal of the “devil” is a white man in a suit. Cory being …show more content…

They live in the same house but haven’t spoke in six months. When Rose found out he was having an affair she was not only mad but regretful. Rose wanted better for herself but she ended up staying with Troy because she has been putting dedication into Troy for at least eighteen years . Forcing herself to put all her wants, needs, and love aside into Troy. All because she loved him. Rose allowed herself to put Troy before anything else. In the play she mentioned how she wanted to be laid up in bed with another man who was better than Troy. But she never did, every night she told herself he is the best man in her life because she loved Troy and that was her husband. Love is a very confusing thing. Troy never understood or felt his father 's love. He mentioned that he meant nothing to his father, once he learned to walk his father put him straight to work. But now that Troy is older, he understands why his father was that way. Troy is hard on Cory, he’s on him about quitting the football team and getting a job. But it was only because he cares about Cory and only wants what is best. Maybe that 's why he is becoming his father because he under pressure about work, family, and responsibilities. His father had a lot of kids and many

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