Symbolism In Rose Sees Red

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Cecil C. Castellucci is known being Canadian young adult novelist, indie rocker, and director. She is born on October 25, 1969 in America. Castellucci grew up in New York City where she attended the Laguardia High School of the Performing Arts. She later studied theatre in Paris at EcoleFlorent. She also attended Concordia University in Montreal and she received a B.F.A in Film Production.One of the novels that Castellucci produced is Rose Sees Red. This novel is partly based on Castellucci’s own experiences at the famous Manhattan High School for the Performing Arts. The story explores friendship, freedom, and the art of challenging convention. ROSE SEES RED is a cheerful novel about friendship between groups of teenagers, citizens of two fighting nations during the Cold War. Here, an American girl who is stuck in her "black stage" finds friendship with a Russian teenager, a bond that embodies understanding, openness and a willingness to appreciate people 's differences. In being the first to value a foreigner, others follow in Rose 's footsteps. These associations become a symbol of peace at a time when politics have prevented any policy of trust. At the eighth grade of Rose she begins to feel the gloominess because of her best friend Daisy. When Rose and Daisy are both little one they had been joined at the hip, they are like a twin sister but Rose never noticed how hard it would be to maintain a relationship that allows only one center. Daisy dictates all she wants

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