New York Essays

  • Crime In New York

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    New York in the 1800’s was a land that brought new idea, freedom, and prosperity. It however, did not bring the ideal safety that many of us have today. Over population was a problem in many houses, fires and crime rates ran very high, and jobs did not promise any security. In fact, New York was not a very safe place to live at all. Over population In New York served as a very big issue to European immigrants. The first immigrants to come over were Germany and Irish, with Southern and Eastern Europeans

  • Urbanization In The New York City

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    New York City remains as the largest city of the United States, and to many it is considered one of the greatest cities in the world. Since its beginning as the Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam, the city has been challenged by the integration of millions of immigrants with a variety of cultures, languages, and different racial and ethnic backgrounds. This has not only defined the city’s rich history and diverse metropolis, but its contributions to the American way of life and culture remains relevant

  • New York City History

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    public spaces that were forever altered. The New York City subway system is the largest subway network in the country, and its construction – in three separate phases – constitutes one of the largest infrastructure projects ever undertaken by any U.S. metropolitan area. The photographs capture streetscapes and the rhythms of daily life in the city; document engineering technologies during a transitional era in which manual and animal labor coexisted with new, mechanized approaches; and depict the growth

  • The Slums In New York City

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    The Harsh Life of the Slums in New York City During the end of the 19th century, there were a lot of economic and social problems between the government, rich, the poor, and businesses. The poor received a lot of those problems. Some of the problems were poor work conditions, child labor, and unsanitary living conditions that might have caused an increase in crime and drinking. The rich and government did not acknowledge those problems about the poor. Thus, come upon the Progressive era. The Progressive

  • New York: A Successful Career

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    New york, the place where many dreams are made possible. Headquarters of the arts, shopping and dining capital. New york wears many crowns and spreads irresistible festivities for all. New york is such a big city that the opportunities for where you can live are endless. There are also so many places there which can make it easier to find a job. New york provides so many opportunities for living, working, and fun. New york is definitely the best place to go to launch a successful career. The people

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of New York

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    Project New York was explored by the Dutch in 1609, and was originally called New Amsterdam. It’s site contained many advantages to the inhabitants. ‘The sheltered, natural harbour formed by the Hudson and East Rivers provided a safe, deep anchorage. There was an extensive waterfront for the development of docks.’ So as you can see from this quote, there were no problems related to water supply and drainage as there were two massive water bodies in New York. Furthermore, the people living in New York

  • New York Times Layout

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    The New York Times is one of the most famous newspapers in the United States, it is read not only by Americans but also for people all around the world. The New York has an audience considered high educated (college graduates) and high income earners. The website looks busy because it does not vary in the letter front, which uses Georgia as its main front. In the top there is the option of changing the language to Spanish or Chinese. The graphics are dynamic. The layout of the New York Times is simple

  • New York Yankees History

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    the New York Yankees, the most storied franchise in sports. They have an insurmountable amount of accomplishments in their history but forget all that for a moment. Travel back to a time before all the greatness and before all the legends who dawned the pinstripes, back to a time before the Core Four, before Mantle, Berra, Joe DiMaggio, even before the original Murderers’ Row. Back to a moment of time where one man created the American League and more importantly brought a team to New York. The

  • Kickflipping New York Analysis

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    In “Kickflipping New York” , Akiko Busch illustrates the knowledge of New York in her own perspective thinking that New York’s architecture is extravagant and well known for it, however the mother is much more exposed to how New York is by her sons enjoyment and admiration to the city for a different reason, learning that New York can be loved in different ways and reasons. Leading to another story “Here is New York”, E.B White’s view on the story displays how the city is full of gifts of opportunity

  • New York Yankee Essay

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    The New York Yankee franchise is one of the best if not the best franchise in MLB history.The Yankees have a very vivid history for there 117 years in the league.The Bronx Bombers have also accomplished many feats that most other teams have not even reached yet.The pinstriped team has also managed to get some off the best players in the league from hall of famers to future hall of famers.The Yankee franchise is a force of nature when it comes to the MLB. The Yankee franchise has a very vivid history

  • New York City Skyscraper

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    New York City is steeped in the history of the skyscraper. Since the completion of the 348-foot World Building in 1890, the love affair The City has had with iconic buildings has spanned over a century. With man’s desire to reach unyielding heights brought into view an ever-changing skyline. The World Building (348 feet) Since 1890, eleven structures have been cataloged as world’s tallest building. From the 1910s to the 1930s, 16 of the cities tallest buildings were built: the Woolworth, Bank of

  • Gangs Of New York Essay

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    America: Heaven or Hell? The film Gangs of New York is one of those films that isn't afraid to show the ugly side of life in America. The immigration process left thousands struggling to make a living and left tensions high between the natural born citizens and those who travels across oceans to make a living. The movie displays this tension quite marvelously. In the days of early immigration, people were treated like garbage by those who were natural born citizens. The Irish were one of the major

  • Dystopian New York City

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    There were abundant dystopian aspects of New York City in the 1980s, when crime, crack and AIDS produced a perfect storm of anxiety about the fraying social fabric. At the time, New York was experiencing a record crime wave (in 1989 the city averaged 36 murders a week) and fear pervaded the city. The Central Park Jogger case was a perfect vehicle for that fear, and the media pounced. In 1989 things were very different from contemporary times with a stop and frisk. On an average week over 30 people

  • Diversity In New York City

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    "New York University is a dream school of mine for many reasons, a few of them being the culture that envelops NYC and NYU, the location, and the people. The biggest reason I am applying to NYU is because of the culture. New York City is a cultural hub and is arguably one of the most diverse cities in the world, and NYU is at the center of this diversity. For the past 200 years, NYC has been the first place some lucky immigrants see. One hundred fifty years ago, the Irish came during the

  • New York Class Structure

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    The structure of society comes in various shapes and forms. With the social structure must come groups or individuals the differentiate themselves from the rest. In the case of New York in the 1800s these groups and individuals were the rich and wealthy alongside the leader of the Confederation of Natives gang, Bill the Butcher. Bill rules the five points with an iron fist effectively using fear and violence to dominate the area in its entirety. While the rich and powerful rule uptown, Bill is the

  • Diversity In New York City

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    Eiffel Tower. However, no matter where I go, there is one thing that is unique only to New York City: its diversity. Everywhere I have been, there is a certain general look to the area. Edinburgh is full of stone stairs and narrow streets. Charleston has piers and beaches. London is ornate buildings and bridges. However, New York City cannot be summed up the same way. To me, the many different parts of New York City feel like completely separate areas, separate cities. I grew up in the beach community

  • Overview Of The New York Vigilance Committee

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    The New York Vigilance Committee began its life in 1835, and did a tremendous work in order to help the fugitive slaves arriving in the city. In fact, there are three ways in which it aided in the antislavery cause during the 1830s and 1840s. The first one is the way the organization fought slave kidnapping. As we can read in the book, “Most of [the organization’s] attention was devoted to kidnapping cases.” (Page 64) A lot of slave owners ‘hired’ kidnapers, who travelled to New York for example

  • New York City Research Paper

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    NEW YORK ESCORT SERVICES New York City is one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world and has a unique, vibrant nightlife unlike any other place in the world. New York City is a lively, fun city and there is an endless amount of ways you can spend an evening. Hiring escorts in NYC is one way to ensure you enjoy yourself with a beautiful woman/man who will enable you to have the best possible time in New York City.If you are constantly looking for a new experience and want to try something

  • New York In The Nineteenth Century Essay

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    New York resident and poet, Dorothy Parker, once said, “London is satisfied, Paris is resigned, but New York is always hopeful.” New York City truly is a hopeful place, and that is why it is often referred to as the city of dreams. While it has its imperfections, it contains an intoxicating magic that keeps it young at heart. This begs the question: Who is this character who has a sense of hope that is strong enough to attract millions? The answer can be found through an investigation of the writings

  • New York Harbor Statue Of Liberty

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    Among the most obvious things that you are likely to see while in the New York Harbor is the enormous Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty was given to the United States by the French, and this acted as a symbol of friendship. There is an immense meaning to this statue. The "Lady Liberty" has been a symbolic icon to individuals all over the world over the past years. The Statue of Liberty was made recognizable in the world by efforts that were driven by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi. It was him