New York Yankee Essay

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The New York Yankee franchise is one of the best if not the best franchise in MLB history.The Yankees have a very vivid history for there 117 years in the league.The Bronx Bombers have also accomplished many feats that most other teams have not even reached yet.The pinstriped team has also managed to get some off the best players in the league from hall of famers to future hall of famers.The Yankee franchise is a force of nature when it comes to the MLB. The Yankee franchise has a very vivid history from its creation,to fields, and the Steinbrenner dynasty.The New York franchise originally started in Baltimore for a short time from 1901 to 1903.In 1903 owners and managers made a vote on the team which moved them to New York.Shortly after the move to New York the Orioles became known as the New York Highlanders.Ten years later in the year 1913 the Highlanders name would change to the one everyone knows today, the New York Yankees. …show more content…

The second field the Yankees played on was named Hilltop Park based off the Yankee name at the time the Highlanders.The field was also named Hilltop park because it was located in Washington heights which was the hilltop of Manhattan.The address of the field was 168th Street and Broadway, Manhattan.The stadium had a capacity of 16,000 people plus room for 15,000 more people if they would stand.The dimensions of the field were massive, left field ranged at 365 feet, center field ranged to 542 feet, and right field ranged up to 400 feet.The Highlanders played at Hilltop Park from 1903 till

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