World Series Essays

  • World Series Analysis

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    In a series that pits two teams with displeasing histories, the Kansas City Royals and New York Mets begin their World Series matchup on Tuesday. Following Kansas City’s World Series victory over the St. Louis Cardinals in 1986, the Royals failed to return to the MLB post season until its World Series run a season ago. For those counting, that’s a 28-year playoff drought that lasted from 1986-2014. Meanwhile, the Mets have always had the reputation as the Yankees’ little brother in New York, a distinction

  • World Series Persuasive Speech

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    Houston Astros player proposed to his girlfriend after winning the World Series (-- removed HTML --) If someone asks Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa what he did that night, he’ll probably say, “We beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game Seven of a gruelling World Series…oh, and I proposed to my girlfriend!” What!? That’s right! In a post-game interview after winning the World Series, Correa took the plunge and proposed to girlfriend Daniella Rodriguez on national television. “It’s everything

  • Comparison Essay # 4: Game 5 Of The World Series

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    In the 2017 World Series in games 5 and 7 the Astros, Dodgers and George Springer set records. The Astros and Dodgers combined for a total of 31 runs in both games! The MVP of the world series, George Springer produced four of those 31 runs. This 2017 World Series was one to never forget, thanks to the Dodgers, Astros and George Springer! Games 5 and 7 of the 2017 World Series were electrifying. In both games, the Dodgers scored 13 runs and the Astros scored a whopping 18. Game 5 was the most exciting

  • 1919 World Series Affected Life In The 1920's

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    How the 1919 World Series Effected Life In The 20s The 1920s was a rough era for America. It had many events and things that made it a rough time in history and difficult to live in that day and age. One of the major events that set off the 1920s depression era was the 1919 World Series. For many reasons it did not help find happiness inside the 1920s. This essay will show how the 1919 World Series began the difficult One of the major ways the 1919 World Series affected life in the 20s

  • The 1903 World Series: One Of The New Standards In MLB History

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    The 1903 World Series was one of the greatest world series in MLB history. This game established many new standards in baseball, including the splitting of the league. This game brought up the idea of splitting the league into two different leagues. The names of those league are the American League and the National League. This game created a whole new world for sports in America(1903). The 1903 World Series was played at Huntington Avenue Grounds located in Boston, Massachusetts. This stadium would

  • Comparing The World Series Between The Cleveland Indians And Chicago Cubs

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    before, a few upsets and fanatical fan bases, an unbelievable World Series came to an end on Wednesday. The high number of postseason home runs kept leaving parks in a Series packed with crazy comebacks, high and low scoring games, stolen bases for tacos and even a marriage proposal. With all that wackiness, did this year’s World Series featuring the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers somehow surpass the drama from last year’s World Series between the Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs? Some fans

  • Analysis: Why Did The Chicago Cubs Win The World Series

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    Why did the Chicago Cubs win the World Series??? The MLB team Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series this years. Because they had a really young team and a lot of talent. The Cubs also had a great pitching staff. Chicago hasn’t won a World Series since 1908. But that has all changed in 2016. They broke the curse. The cubs finished the season 103-58. The best record in the MLB. The Cubs have a chance to go back to the World Series next year and win it. If the team stays together. The Cubs has

  • History Of The Big Bankroll Rugged The 1919 World Series

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    The Big Bankroll rigs the 1919 World Series The year is 1919, shock runs through the streets as the Cincinnati Reds have just beat the Chicago White Sox and won the World Series. Throughout the series, rumors of the games being rigged spread which lead to one certain man. Arnold Rothstein, one of the most notorious mob bosses of the 20th century rigged the 1919 World Series. Known as the “Black Box Scandal” the 1919 World Series began October 1st, 1919 , and ended on October 9th, 1919. Before even

  • The Chicago White Sox Ruined Baseball After Fixing The 1919 World Series

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    The Chicago White Sox almost ruined baseball after fixing the 1919 World Series, but Babe Ruth and commissioner Kenesaw Landis saved it. It all went downhill when the 1919 Chicago White Sox decided to throw the World Series. Many people were angry and did not like baseball because of it. After the Series, someone confessed and they eventually got banned for life, two years after they confessed. Then came a rising star from Baltimore who changed the game forever and made people think differently about

  • 1919 World Series Causes

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    The 1919 World Series was a disaster that was waiting to happen. There were many aspects to the events of the World Series that were caused by the unfair treatment of the players and current world events. This appeared to be the height of the United States and life for many Americans was the best it has ever been. The economy was booming and no one had the thought of crime or corruption coming near them and their families. The art of baseball had been one of the first recreational activities that

  • Earthquake: The 1989 World Series

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    It’s 5 o’clock in the afternoon. The 1989 World Series is about to start. The TV goes to static. Houses come crashing down. Dust is everywhere around the wreckage. Smoke is flooding the streets. Downed fire hydrants spray into what 's left of a parking garage. All of this damage was caused by an earthquake. Earthquakes affect not only the Earth, but people and the property on it. To start off, Earth’s continents slide on a liquid molten mantle which cause them to collide and separate

  • Personal Narrative-Win World Series

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    My home baseball team didn’t win the world series in a 108 years. I said to myself this is the year it’s all going to go down. The Chicago cubs made it so far in the season this year and worked so hard they finally made it into the world series. I watched all the games in the series that each had their ups and downs, but not one of them was as big of a nail biter as this one. It had all come down to this game. The winner would take home the world series championship. So far, the cubs had a 3 point

  • What Is The Story Of The Yankees In The 1930's

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    are a great team this research will tell you the wild stories and great wins and the never forgetting moments of the great stars, the manages that led them and the World Series of the New York Yankees Baseball team. The New York Yankees were one of the greatest teams in baseball in the 1930’s and still are; they won eight world series between 1929 and 1939. This proves that the Yankees were a good team back then. The New York Yankees had many managers in their time but in the 1930’s was some of

  • St Louis Houston Research Papers

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    St.Louis Cardinals St.Louis Cardinals have history dating back to the 1900s. The Cardinals have had a lot of success in that time such as, “The Cardinals have won 11 World Series Championships, 18 National League pennants, 3 National League Eastern Division Titles, and 8 National League Central Division Titles,” (Jetton,2013). Cardinals have many in the hall of fame, and have many in the Cardinal Hall of Fame. So therefore, St.Louis Cardinals have a lot of history, success, and people in the cardinal

  • 1919 White Sox Research Paper

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    The year is 1919. The White Sox are playing against the Cincinnati Reds in the world series. The Cincinnati Reds beat the White Sox, however, eight of the White Sox players were accused of throwing the game, which is just intentionally losing the game. There are many reasons why their team could have done this, but it was obviously because of money. There are also many problems with what they did and why they would decide to do it. Since this happened in 1919, this is around the time when people

  • Lou Gehrig: An American Baseball Player In The 1930's

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    of 6 world series to New York,

  • Derek Jeter Biography Essay

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    get on base as well as field efficiently. Ever since he started his full career with the Yankees in 1996 he has won many awards. His performance helped the Yankees win the World Series five times. Also, he earned many individual awards such as Most Valuable Player in the All-Star game and Most Value Player in the World Series in 2000. Overall, he finished his career with a .310 batting average and 3,465 hits, which ranks sixth all-time ( When eligible, he will eventually be placed

  • Pittsburgh Pirates: One Of The Worst Teams

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    players to ever to play baseball. The Pittsburgh Pirates have won many World Series and Pennants. The Pirates Won their first ever World Series in 1909 and also winning the pennant. Pirates win World Series in 1925 also but in 1920 Pirates had one of their worst seasons ever. In 1960 Pirates win the Pennant and World Series. 1971 Pirates win World Series and pennant making it there 4th. In 1979 Pirates win their 5th World Series. The new Pnc Park is considered one of the best Baseball parks in

  • Dom Dimaggio: The Little Professor

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    of 29. The Red Sox went to the World Series, but lost to the Cardinals in 7 games (Wilson 1).Dom ended up playing for 7 more years until 1953. Dom was possibly the best defensive center fielder of his time, only comparable with his brother, Joe. (Wilson 1) Dom Dimaggio was a huge influence for center fielders today, with his amazing arm and quick legs. He averaged 195 hits, 121 runs, 10 home runs, and a .298 average for his career. Though he did not win a World Series, it didn't matter for how good

  • White Sox Club Research Paper

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    because of the low pay they were all receiving. Therefore the preconceived notion about the players on the White Sox club could have gotten some of the club members wrongly convicted of betting on the World Series they were playing in. “Immediately Burns asked: was it true? Was there a plan to fix the Series? Cicotte laughed and replied there was always that kind of talk floating around.” (Asinof 23)