Dom Dimaggio: The Little Professor

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Dom Dimaggio, or “The Little Professor”, was a professional baseball player in the 40’s-50’s. He had a .298 batting average, while hitting 87 home runs in his career. As good as he was baseball, his academics weren't very different. And that’s how he got the nickname “The Little Professor” because he wore big glasses and the brains of a professor (Wilson 1). Dom was a steady center fielder for the Boston Red Sox with his strong throwing arm and ability to be anywhere in center field. Dom Dimaggio was born with the name Dominic Paul Dimaggio, the last born of nine children on February 12, 1917 (Contois 1). In his early days, he dreamed of working as a chemical engineer, being provided a scholastic and athletic scholarship to Santa Clara University, …show more content…

(Wilson 1). After that season, he put on 20 lbs achieving his sporting weight of 168 pounds and 5 foot 9 body (Wilson 1). It wasn't until 1940 Dom made his major league debut on April 16th. Dom had slight difficulty adapting to the MLB, hitting .301 and racking up 81 runs in 108 games, sporting with the Red Sox (Contois 1). After the 1942 season, as WWII enlarged, lots of baseball players were forged into the military, and Dom happened to be one of them, servicing from 1943 and ended at 1945 (Wilson …show more content…

Their record was 104-50, finishing 1st in the league (Contois 1). Dom had 169 hits that season, with seven home runs at the age of 29. The Red Sox went to the World Series, but lost to the Cardinals in 7 games (Wilson 1).Dom ended up playing for 7 more years until 1953. Dom was possibly the best defensive center fielder of his time, only comparable with his brother, Joe. (Wilson 1) Dom Dimaggio was a huge influence for center fielders today, with his amazing arm and quick legs. He averaged 195 hits, 121 runs, 10 home runs, and a .298 average for his career. Though he did not win a World Series, it didn't matter for how good he played. He lived to be 92 years old, dying at the age of 92, on May 8th 2009. Most fans said he was ¨the best player to watch at that time¨ (Wilson

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