Babe Ruth Biography

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Who is holder of many homerun and other batting records, or who is known as The Great Bambino, or The Sultan of Swat? That’s right...George Herman Ruth Jr., or more famously known as Babe Ruth. The early life of the Babe is really interesting, especially how he became a baseball player and how he was raised. During his career, is when he gained the name, Babe Ruth, and anywhere he went he drew in a crowd. His death was a tragedy, however, many things stayed after he was gone, like his home runs and generosity. All the way through his early life, career, and death, Babe Ruth was a generous man who hit lots of home runs and held many batting records. Babe Ruth had an interesting life, however he was somewhat of a troublesome kid in his early …show more content…

Brother Matthias was unsure of letting Babe go, because babe was only nineteen years old; he was still a minor (Match 19). He officially left school February 27 for baseball. However, Babe never forgot St. Mary’s, and to thank Brother Matthias, Babe bought him a Cadillac every year (Macht 19). Because of his strength, he was the best lefthanded pitcher at that time, and his team won eighty-seven games in 1915 and 1919. His team also won three world series games. The Babe set a record for pitching 2,923 shutout innings (“Babe”). In 1920, he set a record of hitting fifty-four home runs; he set a new record of fifty-nine home runs, in 1921. Because of those home run records, he became the most feared batter. Babe used a 52 ounce bat, but today baseball players use bats that are only about 32-34 ounces (Match 33). Sadly, in 1925, Helen Ruth, Babe’s wife, died in a fire. However, Babe found love again and married Claire Hodgson also in 1925, and with Claire he adopted Julia and Dorothy(“Babe”). Eventually, he was traded to the Yankees.and in 1926. He started a dynasty on the Yankees, and helped them win seven pennants, and four World Series. He also made a record of a total of 714 home runs. On the Yankees, he was a full time outfielder, and was the greatest hitter who ever played. The Yankee Stadium was then named “The House That Ruth Built” (“Babe”). Babe Ruth became cruel again. He had verbal offensive …show more content…

Babe’s popularity was at its height even as his ability was decreasing (Match 53). Babe got sick with the flu; he collapsed in a railroad station, therefore his team went to the game without him. A couple of days later, he fainted on the train, and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, and was weakened by an operation (Macht 40). Babe was thirty-nine, and still played (Macht 53), that means he played for twenty years, however, he only hit twenty-two home runs within 125 games (Macht 53). He eventually signed with the Boston Braves, but he wanted to quit because he was tired. The Braves said he had to at least play one more game, he hit three home runs during that game (Macht 54). Babe also retired on June 13, 1948. Babe got a sore throat and his voice began to get hoarse...his diagnosis was cancer, from then and on Babe was in and out of the hospital, he couldn’t have many visitors, but he had lots of get well soon gifts/cards. A movie was made from his life, he left the hospital bed to go see it (Macht 56). Babe made his last appearance at Yankee Stadium, on June 13, 1948; this day is celebrated in every MLB ballpark (Macht 59). Babe left his hospital bed just to be there, he slowly made his way to the dugout, however he wouldn’t have made it there to his dugout without help, and physical support because he was so weak (Macht 56). Babe gave a very short speech when he

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