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Did the Babe call his shot? The resounding and legendary Babe Ruth made the history books on the day of October 1, 1932. Wrigley Field, it was the third game of the World Series. The Cubs and the Yankees were tied 4-4 in the fifth inning, with one out when the Babe approached the plate. As he adjusted at the plate, the Chicago stands and benched Cub player’s hollered and bellowed how the Babe was old and fat. Several sources mention Root throwing a ball and then Babe Ruth made a gesture pointing in a direction and hitting a home run, launching the ball in that direction. The question persists did the Babe call his shot? The idea of this “called shot” was a break in the Babes career. Babe Ruth on the day of the first of October did not call his legendary shot. It has been established that the Babe pointed somewhere. Many believe because of their different angles of …show more content…

For example, Joseph Wheeler Sewell the Yankees third baseman believes strongly that the Babe called his shot. In source L, he says “Yes, he pointed to the fence, and I have a mental picture of the ball going out of the park in centerfield, through trees loaded with small boys seeing the game. Regardless of what anyone says or writes, that is the way I saw it all happen because I was in the game.” Source N from the Cubs pitcher, Guy Bush, he restates the actions after the Babe stepped back into the box. Bush believes that the Babe did call his shot, he backs-up his statement because the Babe was mad. The Babe was possibly mad because of the crowd and the Cubs on the bench berating him. Source T which is an exert from Farewell to Sport by Paul Gallico, where he goes into detail about the day the Babe called his shot. In so many words he painted a lovely picture of how it all went that day. The reliability of the first two sources is skeptical because they both did not present a date of when the players said what they

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