The Importance Of Wooden Bats

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Famous baseball player Babe Ruth once stated,“How to hit home runs: I swing as hard as I can, and I try to swing right through the ball... The harder you grip the bat, the more you can swing it through the ball, and the farther the ball will go. I swing big, with everything I've got. I hit big or I miss big. I like to live as big as I can”.The quote from Babe Ruth explains that with different bats require different amount of strength and energy to get the bat all away round in order to make contact with the baseball. Many bats being made out of different types of materials makes a difference in baseball and how it is played. Having many bats that are made out of multiple materials changes the sport of baseball in many ways. Wooden bats should…show more content…
A piece of evidence to support this detail is “Wood bats are much less expensive to replace than metal or composite ones”( Phoenix Bats). Many wooden bats are cheap and are less costly than aluminum bats. Having less money on baseball helps increase colleges money to go to other causes like safety of other sports and other activities around the college besides the baseball team. Another piece of evidence that proves that wooden bats should be allowed in college baseball is “Woods bats usually cost less than $90 for a good quality bat. Aluminum bats can cost up to $250 and can go any higher than $400.” Wooden bats being less expensive by a few hundred dollars can save the college more money than buying eight to nine aluminum or composite bats for a whole season. Finally the last key piece of evidence is“ Metal baseball bats are more costly because of the material used in processing the bat. Since some of these metal are not very common many stores that sell them raise up the price for metal bats.” Since wooden bats are made out of wood, the cost of them are not so high because wooden bats are made from trees which is located almost everywhere in the United States. By having materials easily at the ready for baseball bats to be made it brings down the price of baseball bats. Having wooden bats be introduced to college level it will save a great amount of money for colleges to use that extra money into somewhere else…show more content…
A supportive detail is “ Actually, on the bat, it comes with a warranty that says: Don’t use under 60 degrees,” Missouri sophomore Blake Brown said. “We’ve broken so many bats this year, and I’d say it’s gotta be the weather. I don’t see other teams breaking as many bats as we do.” Metal bats can be damaged by weather under sixty-degrees. Wood bats though can take extreme coldness when being played with or just sitting in the garage. Wood bats can take in heat and store it in the fibers in the wood. Since metal bats heat up quickly the can not keep or hold the same amount that wooden bats can. A second piece of evidence is “Wood bats don’t freeze and sting the batters hand when the ball is hit.” Wooden bats don't sting the batters hand like a metal bat does.When the temperature is below forty degrees the metal bats become cold when exposed to the bare hands. When this happens the batter tenses up and can not use all of their body make the best impact with the bat on the ball. Wooden bats though do not freeze because they do not consume hot and cold temperatures as much as metal bats do. The third and last detail is “ Wooden bats hit better in colder temperatures than metal bats.” Metal bats freeze and get cold when not heated in the right temperature. Wooden bats do not freeze which helps batters have a better chance of hitting the ball farther than metal bats in cooler temperatures. Wooden bats should be

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