Pitcher Essays

  • Becoming A Pitcher-Personal Narrative

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    becoming a pitcher. Our plan consisted of me reading many baseball books, practicing daily and keeping a positive attitude and above all

  • Mary Molly Pitcher Research Paper

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    December 2016 Molly Pitcher An outstanding woman once said, “ Live day by day and enjoy your family.” That outstanding woman was Mary Hays. And that’s what she did. Living day by day states her early life, her reasons for being in battles, her role in the battles, and her life after battle. This will show Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley was an outstanding person Mary Ludwig also some may know her as Molly Pitcher was an incredible woman. According to the article “Mary McCauley ( Molly Pitcher )” , Mary was

  • Essay On Fastball

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    identical to a fastball, but to make the ball go slower, the pitcher would slow down his arm speed. A benefit to the pitch being slower is that is drops about an inch and a half more than a fastball. In order to truly fool the batter the pitcher would use the exact same throwing motion as a fastball. The reason pitchers throw changeups more often than curveballs is because curveballs damage the arm more than changeups do. When a pitcher grips a changeup, he would hold it like a fastball, but shift

  • Abner Doubleday: The Invention Of Major League Baseball

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    NL team and an AL team. In all of baseball there are nine players which include three outfielders, four infielders, and a pitcher and catcher. With the game being played like this, each position batted for themselves. That

  • Compare And Contrast Baseball And Softball

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    common number of seven innings to see which team scores the most runs at the end. Although baseball and softball are very similar sports, differences exist such as: the pitching, field setting, and ball differencing. Both baseball and softball pitchers on the defensive side are striving for the same concept and that is to strike out the batter up to bat. However, the style of pitching between the two sports is one of the most different aspects of baseball and softball. In baseball, the pitching

  • An Essay About Softball

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    Softball is different. The team is like a body and if all the parts don’t work, they’ll lose the game. Each player is a different part, like the pitcher is the heart. If the pitcher doesn’t pitch how will the game work? For example, when I was in 5th grade we had a weak pitcher so we lost almost every game. But when I was in 3rd grade we had a very strong pitcher, who had been pitching for her whole career and we won 1st place in the league.

  • Softball's Responsibility

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    Responsibility Softball, it takes skill, talent, and confidence, but a player also needs to be responsible. She must take advantages, manage every lesson, practice, and homework sheet, and make wise choices. Softball comes with a lot of work, and with that comes responsibility. On defense and offense, the opposing team is going to make mistakes, they are not perfect. Though they are not perfect, they can still win the game if the other team does not take control. A team must take advantage of

  • Softball Vs Baseball Essay

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    has one first base, assuming it is safer to have to bases for girls. Each field has a different length between home plate and the pitchers mound and between all of the bases. In baseball the distance between home plate and the pitchers mound is sixty and a half feet. The distance between bases in baseball is ninety feet. In softball the distance between the pitchers mound and home plate is forty-three feet and the distance between bases is sixty feet. There are also differences in the distance required

  • Baseball In My Life

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    This came with a great deal of trust from my parents, as I would drive two hours almost every day to practices and games. I ended up becoming the ace pitcher, and lead-off hitter for his Fellowship of Christian Athletes team. That ended up playing a critical role in getting us to a few championships. From playing with the FCA team I gained an increase in maturity, self confidence, and a better sense of

  • Reflective Essay: I Miss Baseball For My Life

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    me after all. Chill had rushed through my spine and throughout my body. I had got out onto the field feeling good. I felt like this was going to be a good game. Our starting pitcher had gotten two strikeouts to start the game. Then, the next batter had hit a homerun. Confidence shaken, our whole infield jogged out to the pitcher 's mound and told him “nothing hurt.” The next batter

  • Personal Narrative: A Day In The Softball Field

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    It had been a long day at the softball field and everyone on my team was exhausted. We had won every game that we had played that day. We had made it to the championship and we're ready to win. I was the pitcher so I had an important duty, to pitch as best as I could. I gave it my all and pitched like there was no tomorrow. As we were nearing the end of the game the score was close, but we were ahead by one point. It had just become and even more intense that it already was. Every single person was

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Serra High School

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    3-0 Mitty. Then my team came to bat and stayed at bat for a while scoring 5 runs making it 5-3 Serra. The 6th inning moved along swiftly with Mitty scoring two more runs tying the game at 5. Bottom of the 6th inning Mitty had brought in a new pitcher, a tall right hander who threw pretty hard. Our dugout started cheering on

  • Personal Narrative: The Baseball Injury

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    and I got out. My mom told me good job and that made me feel better. My coach told me the it was a good attempt. In the fourth inning, I came back up again. The first pitch was a fastball inside. The pitch hit me in the leg. It felt broken. The pitcher came over and made sure I was okay. My mom called 911 and an ambulance took me to the hospital. My team came in after the game. The doctor came in and took all of us that my leg was broken. The doctor also said that I can’t play for one month. I said

  • Hitting Ball Techniques

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    TOE TAP - this is the first movement of the lower body. The small step will bring your front foot towards the pitcher at a 45-degree angle. Your weight will shift forward during the toe tap. HEEL PLANT- after the toe tap you will land your entire foot on your heel planted. Do not lock your front leg as this will not give you balance. Keep the knee bent until you

  • Narrative Essay On A Baseball Game

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    For a young baseball player one of the highest goals to achieve is hitting a homerun -for me that was all I wanted. I already achieved most of what I wanted in baseball, and one of my proudest was a no-hitter, but it was no home run. When I first realized how bad I wanted this feat was one night after a practice where all we did was just hit. The majority of my teammates hit at least one homerun that practice, but me I hit the fence but never was able to send one over. The car ride home after the

  • The Physics Of Baseball Pitching

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    is not a very hard concept to master,in fact the pitcher is one of the most non athletic person in college and including the MLB. After people play baseball for a while, many might want to become a pitcher, but first everybody has to learn the mechanics of pitching to become a pitcher. Pitching can be affected by a number of different factors. These factors include the stride of the pitcher, the strength of their arm and shoulder and how a pitcher stretches before a game. Pitching to many people

  • Personal Narrative: Infield Baseball

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    get some action. “At least it’s a really nice evening for a game!” I thought as I turned to catch the breeze on my face. “Play ball” shouted the Umpire, as I got into a comfortable stance to watch another boring inning of “infield baseball”. Our pitcher and infield were good, too good, and thus as an outfielder I never got any action. The thing was, our team was the best in the league that year, and that was because our coach

  • Softball Bleaching Research Paper

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    mentality, and the pitches a pitcher must have in order to excel in the world of fast pitch pitching. The mechanics to fast pitch softball can be difficult to learn and can take years of practice. To first pitch a softball, one must stand on the pitching rubber.

  • Baseball Pitch Analysis

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    Baseball pitchers have to be extremely explosive and create force to produce a good pitch. Some factors that go into a pitch would be velocity, movement, and position. There are many types of pitches that an athlete can do and follows a similar pattern but the factors change. If a pitcher wanted to throw a fastball, they would have to change the velocity of the ball but if the pitcher wanted to throw a curveball they would have to change the type of movement they do. The ultimate goal for any baseball

  • Five Key Outfielding Skills In Baseball

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    The outfield can be a difficult position to coach, especially at the Little League level. Many times, Little League Coaches simply throw players out into the grassy areas of the diamond and spend a significant amount of time launching fly balls in their direction. Once players get older and skill sets become more refined, the outfield can be a challenging position to play. A key to a young outfielders success will be to give them the tools and experience at an early age. 5 Key Outfielding Skills