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Taylor Headley
Mrs. King
English 8th Hour
20 December 2016
Molly Pitcher An outstanding woman once said, “ Live day by day and enjoy your family.” That outstanding woman was Mary Hays. And that’s what she did. Living day by day states her early life, her reasons for being in battles, her role in the battles, and her life after battle. This will show Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley was an outstanding person
Mary Ludwig also some may know her as Molly Pitcher was an incredible woman. According to the article “Mary McCauley ( Molly Pitcher )” , Mary was born on October 13,1754 , outside Trenton, New Jersey. When she was 15 she moved to Carlisle, Pennsylvania to become a servant. Mary was the young servant to the family of Dr. William Irvine. She …show more content…

Furthermore, American Revolution Reference Library says “William died in 1778. When he died he left behind Mary and their young son John that was five. In 1789, Mary Hays married John McCauley. Some indicate it was a very unhappy marriage. She went back to working as a servant. In 1813, John died, Mary never remarried again. She worked as servant for the rest of her life. People described her as a short, heavy-set woman who had an abrupt manner. She loved children and was a tender, careful nurse to the sick. Mary McCauley did have a rough side, however. As the wife of a soldier, she had learned to swear and usually spoke her mind with some bluntness. In 1822, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania passed a bill that granted Mary McCauley 40 dollars and the promise of 40 dollars per month for the remainder of her life. U.S. records show that Mary spent the last years of her life living in the Carlisle home of her son, John Hays, and his wife Elizabeth. The Hays had seven children, providing Mary with many opportunities to be with the children she loved. Mary McCauley died in January of 1832, at the age 79. She is buried in the Old Graveyard in Carlisle. Her gravesite is marked with a stone that reads “ Molly McCauley .” On June 28, 1905, the Patriotic Order of Sons of America unveiled an additional monument, a cannon planted over her grave. In Monmouth, New Jersey, a battle monument shows "Molly Pitcher" with a cannon and a pail of

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