Mary Edwards Walker Research Paper

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Mary Edwards Walker accomplished a variety of amusing and intelligent things during her lifetime. She first enrolled in the Syracuse College of Medicine. Although her father was the one encouraging these medical desires, Mary thrived in this specific school system. In the year of 1855 Mary graduated with a Doctorate degree in medicine. Her enthusiasm continued, along with the development of the rest of her life. Mary not only had grown as an intellectual, but so had her independent stance in the world. Soon after she had graduated from medical school, she married the man in whom she loved and opened her own private practice. Mary still aspired to have a larger role among the community. After offering her business to the government, she applied for a role in the U.S. Army, however, she was denied and instead offered the …show more content…

During her constant efforts to be known, along with appreciated, she and her husband had become separated. This provided girls all across their shared community with the mindset that being an independent individual was not always unacceptable, instead it could be a beneficial lifestyle. Even without a significant other, one could still possess great knowledge and intelligence. This theory, so to speak, was acknowledged once Mary had received the Medal of Honor. Suddenly the expectation among females had been altered. They were no longer women of demand and home assist, but now independent and simply underrated people. They were now people that are able to accomplish similar things as the opposite gender. This new mentality provided an improved view on the human race. Now more than ever, people could be united. Once one had acted upon their interests and goals an entire unused outlook was ‘born’. Women were now capable of partaking in acts that were thought to be “manly” or men orientated. New expectations were set, providing a whole range of opportunity and

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