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Lucy Burn was a strong dedicated woman that stood up for what she believed in . She was born in brooklyn on july 28 1879. (Source#1) She was the kind of woman that did thing that she knew were wrong but for the right reasons . Did you ever know that something's wrong but you just can't sit back and watch ? Well that's how she felt . Lucy Burns was a co-founder of the national woman's party (source#2). And also a co founder of congress union( source #2) . She was one of the faces for the women's right act . She protested in the white house and got arrested more than once but kept going(source#1) . Not only did she finish school but still wanted to learn more after she got her degree. When she joined the women's social and political union she threw herself into their cause as an organizer( source#3). Lucy was a great leader she always stood up for what …show more content…

She may not have been all over the medial or was so well known but she did change our lives for the better. Yes she went to jail multiple times but she went because she was fighting for something she believed in even if everyone not everyone agreed she was determined to get where she wanted no matter how she had to. Lucy was a great person yeah she didn't take the easiest way out and she made it more difficult for herself . But she did end up making a big difference in our world now . She was and will be remembered for many things and for all the great changes she made . I made a few changes to my essay about Lucy Bruns . I put where I got my information . I also put in my thesis and I added a few more details to my three main reasons why she is a hero . I made these changes because I wanted my essay to be a great quality essay . This increases the quality of my essay because I have all the things I need and it also makes the essay easier to read

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