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Betsy Ross didn't directly contribute to the Revolutionary War. Instead, she was a symbol which united people to the cause. In May of 1776, Betsy began sewing the very first American flag ever; it consisted of 13 stars and 13 stripes. She was, without a doubt, a revolutionary leader. She was famous for many things, but perhaps the action that really boosted her up into history was the fact that she sewed the very first U.S. Flag in 1776. But that wasn't the first flag she's sewn. Betsy sewed over 27 flags during the Revolutionary War! Betsy Ross, wasn't exactly Betsy Ross. In fact, her birth name was Elizabeth Griscom. Her first marriage name was Ross, her second was Ashburn, and her third was Claypoole. Elizabeth (Betsy) Griscom was born …show more content…

Since John was a member of the local Pennsylvania Provincial Militia in Philadelphia, he was assigned to guard munitions and was killed by a gunpowder explosion. In 1777, she married her second husband, mariner Joseph Ashburn. In 1780, Joseph's ship was captured and he was charged for treason. During this time, their first daughter Zilla died at nine months, and their second daughter, Eliza, was born. Ashburn died in the British jail. Three years later, she married John Claypoole, who had coincidentally met Joseph in the prison and informed her of his death. Claypoole and Betsy had an additional 5 daughters. Betsy Ross died on January 30, 1836, sixty years after the Declaration of Independence. In 1952, the U.S. Post office issued commemorative postage stamp to honor the 200th anniversary of her birth. When Ross died, she was buried in the local Quaker cemetary. For the 200 year celebration of her birth, the city wanted to move her body over to her childhood home. However, when they dug up the grave site, none of Betsy's remains were found. However, there is now a body in the Ross house titled as “Elizabeth Griscom” (her birth name). So, is that actually Betsy's body, or someone

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