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Molly Pitcher is a person who never left family and had no fear. When you have those wonderful qualities someone is bound to notice. That’s what happened to Molly Pitcher Hayes, she started out as a servant, and ended her life being a hero of the Revolutionary War. Did you know that Molly Pitcher Hayes is not actually her real name? Her real name is Mary Ludwig, but got her nickname Molly Pitcher Hayes during the war. Mary Ludwig was born on October 13, 1754 near Trenton, New Jersey. Mary’s parents were named Maria and John Ludwig, and she had three brothers. Since Mary was a girl, she couldn’t go to school, so she worked on a farm until she was fifteen and then worked as a servant for a doctor. In 1768, Molly Pitcher moved to Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where she met her husband, William Hayes. William was a barber, they were married on July 24, 1769. Then they had a son named, Johannes, born in 1783. …show more content…

Molly Pitcher couldn’t be a soldier, so she carried pitchers of water to thirsty soldiers and threw pitchers of water on cannons so they didn’t overheat. But then William fainted, because of the heat and dehydration. Molly had no choice, she had to take his place as the operator of his cannon. After the war, George Washington called upon her, and issued her commissioned officer. After the war, William Hayes died. Shortly after his death, she was remarried to John McCauley. She worked as a servant, and cared for the sick. John McCauley did not use her money wisely, so Molly Pitcher had troubled times. She had to work extra hard. Sadly, Molly Pitcher died on January 22, 1832. She lived up to 80 years old. In 1876, a special marker was placed on her grave, commemorating her service as ‘ Molly Pitcher Hayes ‘ in the Revolutionary

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