Lulu Annapush Chapter 2 Summary

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In Chapter 4, we learn the story about Lulu Nanapush. Lulu’s mother had, “tore herself away from the run of my life like a riverbank, leaving me to spill out alone” (Erdrich 68). Lulu used to go to a government school. She was a troublesome child at school. She would continuously run away from school and had to wear an orange dress of shame for her actions. She was given a relief when her old uncle Nanapush wrote letters that brought her back home. Nanapush and and his wife, Margaret Kashpaw were waiting for Lulu at the crossroads. Upon seeing them, she observes the cruel and mean face of Margaret who was staring at Lulu. Lulu ran towards her uncle and hugged him tightly and they all went home. Margaret also had taken a different name, …show more content…

Nanapush told her that Moses’s mother didn’t wanted her son to die and decided to pretend that he was already dead to fool the spirits. Thus, Moses lived invisible his whole life and he survived. However, Lulu was still adamant to meet him and the next day she rowed to the island where Moses lived and upon entering the island, she saw the amount of cats wandering around the island. She then started to search for Moses and eventually she founded him. Moses ignored Lulu at first. He thought that he was invisible and that she couldn’t see, but Lulu kept talking to her and then he realized that he wasn’t invisible at all. He offered her some swamp tea and she accepted it. She sat down in his chair and demanded him to let her in his house and offer her some food. Moses was then attracted to her and that night they laid on a nest of pelts and according to Lulu, “We lay together in a nest of pelts, and I guided his palms to where I’d never been touched” (Erdrich 80). They started to bond together for days and Lulu then lived with Moses. Winter came and Lulu announced that she was pregnant and that she was concerned about living in this island and wanted to leave, but she still stayed with Moses and they would communicate with signs and not with words because according to Lulu, “We had no need of

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