Direct Characterization Of Tom Joad

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The main protagonist of the novel, Tom Joad, is known in story as a man with no regret. Although he had murdered a man and spent many years in prison, he showed no regret as he rarely brought up his past. Instead, he worries about his current problems and the issues his family is facing. Although he seems certain in his actions he does exhibit inner moral conflict as he soon found himself learning that he can’t always act, such as when he is unable to get a job and support his family. This situation, taking place during the middle of the novel, forces him to learn to be able to reflect on his problems without taking action. A supporting protagonist of the novel, Ma Joad is the mother of the protagonist and is described as a character who “seemed to know that if she swayed the family shook” (89). Ma, throughout the story, …show more content…

In Oklahoma Grampa decides that he will not leave the house so his family drugs him and takes him by force. Their attempts to take him prove futile as he soon dies shortly after leaving their land. An extremely religious person, Granma Joad shows admiration toe preacher Tom Casey. Granma also spent her time bickering to Grampa Joad, although after his death her own health deteriorated and she soon died before arriving to California. Tom’s sixteen-year-old brother, Al Joad, is described as a handsome boy who takes a liking to both cars and girls. He was responsible for driving his family to California and received much admiration and respect from his family because of his mechanical knowledge. Connie Rivers, husband of Rose of Sharon, rides with the family until their arrival at California. He proves himself extremely selfish when he abandons his wife and unborn child. Uncle John is Pa Joad’s brother, who is a repentant man after causing the indirect death of his wife. Her death causes him great guilt, and he lives the rest of his day attempting to make up for his

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