Character Analysis Of Louise Mallard In The Story Of An Hour

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Tommy Chung Mrs. Martin TSW 1,2,4,6,7 2016/10/6 Analysis of “The Story of An Hour” In the story, “The Story of An Hour”, the main character is Louise Mallard. She is a dynamic character. She internally changed throughout the story. In the beginning of the story, she heard the news of her husband’s death in train accident from her sister Josephine and her husband’s friend, Richard. She was shocked by the news and showed sad feelings in the story. However, when I was reading through the story, I could infer that Mallard had a terrible marriage life with her husband because the story later said that Mallard was happy because she had freedom. In the beginning of the story, she was shocked and sad but later on, she was happy because of in dependence. These evidences prove that she is a dynamic character. Round character in the story definitely would be Louise Mallard because she is fully developed and has a lot of emotions throughout the story. As I mentioned, she had a terrible time during her marriage time because she has no freedom and etc. However, as soon as she heard Brently died in train accident, she was shocked but mostly enjoyed it because she got a freedom and eventually died because of her joy. Because the story reveals a lot of her feelings in terms of freedom, developed and changed; she is a round character. The protagonist of the story is Mrs. Mallard. She is one of the most important characters in the story. The Antagonist is the woman’s role in marriage.

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