Rosa Parks Achievements

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Rosa Parks Rosa Parks was a woman with great confidence in what she believed in. She was a Civil Rights Activist who refused to give up her seat on the Alabama bus which started the 381-day Montgomery Bus Boycott. It helped start a nationwide effort to end segregation of public facilities. Later she received the NAACP’s highest award. As she grew older she received over 10 awards for her great accomplishments
When Rosa parks had chronic tonsils all through her childhood. Her father left her constantly at young ages. He left his family completely till she was an adult when Rosa turned five. Rosa later moved to Abbeville to live with her father’s family when she was one year old. Her mother hated living there with his family. Later when …show more content…

Her brothers had planned to move because of safety. Lots of threatening phone calls occurred soon after the Supreme Court decision. Her husband kept a gun till they moved. Later when Rosa moved to Montgomery, she was still scared of what was to come. Rosa Parks lived in Montgomery for about 30 years until she moved. She was a woman with an amazing purpose. Rosa risked her life to stand up for what she believed in. In the racist timeline that she lived in, she still decided she had enough. Even though she didn’t appreciate the praise, she still always and forever will deserve being remembered as one of the many great african-american warriors of our time. Even though she didn’t fight in an actual war, she still fought for something near to her heart.Rosa parks follows another woman, Claudette Colvin. Claudette did do exactly the same thing as Rosa, but she was pregnant at the time so the NAACP though she didn’t have the ability to stand up on her own.
Colvin, Parks, Lafayette, Emeagwali, Fuller, Malcolm X, and Bridges are just a couple of the great african-american heroes. Rosa Parks is a influence on all people. She shows everyone that if they stand up in what the believe in they can do all things, even if there are consequences. Rosa is a woman with wisdom, honesty, self-control, confidence, and

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