Rosa Parks Informative Speech

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I am going to tell you about an enchanting story about a woman named Rosa Parks and her mongomery, bus boycott. Rosa Parks was born on February 4,1913 in Tuskegee Alabama U.S.A she died on October 24,2005 [age 92] in Detroit, Michigan U.S. before she got arrested for boycotting a montgomery bus Rosa Parks went to school like a normal child. She was raised up on her daddy's farm and raised as a normal girl but she did have to go to a different school then the white people in 1929 when she was in 11th grade she had to go out of school because her grandmother got sick and she had to help her.

So most people think that she was the first African American to refusing to yield her seat on a montgomery bus but she was not the first there were actually …show more content…

Also Rosa was a civil right activist before her arrest. The bus driver how Parks had prior encounter with was James Blake he also demanded that she vacate her seat. But the other problem is that she was not sitting in the only white people area she was sitting in the middle of the bus in those days most people rode in cars or walked and so when Rosa boycotted the bus she was not sitting there because her feet were tired. Weeks after her arrest Parks was jailed a second time for her role in the boycott.

Rosa took a stand because she did not want to be treated like a slave but she was not the only one how was sick of being a slave there was plenty of other people like there was Martin Luther King jr,Gandhi,Cesar Chavez, and plenty of other people. But also in those days slavery was fainting away but after her boycott Martin Luther King jr had his I HAVE A DREAM speech. Parks was also the first woman to lie in state at the U.S. capitol and also Parks was forced to move from montgomery soon after the boycott.
Her result of her action was that she had accomplished her goal and was now known for boycotting a Montgomery bus. Her long term effect was that she had helped the others . It was important

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