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Sally Ride America’s Space Girl 57% of all women are in the fields of science. (Mattern 8). Sally Ride, the first American female astronaut, intrigued women of all ages to become engineers, doctors, science teachers, and so much more. Men used to be the only people to tackle careers in this field. However, Ride changed the world when she became the first American woman in space. She was extremely supportive of achieving equal rights for women and encouraged little girls to enter the fields of science. In fact, because of Sally Ride’s science experiments, life is more convenient here on Earth. Because of Sally Ride’s perseverance in life, she is known as a hero of change, and her legacy as America’s Space Girl lives on. Sally Ride showed the world that ordinary people can become heroes of change. It all started with her upbringing. In Ride’s early years, her parents taught her that everyone was equal. (Mattern 25). They wanted her to do what truly made her happy. (Mattern 25). Soon enough, Sally matured into a young woman and attended Birmingham High School. (Kramer 5). There, she discovered her passion for science and shocked her peers by being the only female to attend the science program. (Kramer 5). She had an extremely positive attitude throughout her education which led her to joining the school’s tennis team. Rising through the levels, she quickly became a nationally ranked player. Her athletic skills helped her overcome future obstacles in space. Ride had

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