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Who was an aviator that accidently crashed herself ,but still pursue her dreams by flying? Bessie Coleman did and never gave up. I wanted to research Bessie Coleman because I wanted to learn more about her because she is brave, smart, intelligent, loyal, compassionate, and forgiving. To begin with, I will share what I learn about Bessie Coleman’s childhood, family, education, impact of society, awards, prizes, and contributions.
First, the early years and middle years of Bessie Coleman. “Born on January 26, 1892, in Atlanta, Texas Bessie Coleman live the life of a true adventurer.” (“Fly, Bessie, Fly Author’s Note”). When Bessie was 9 she was in Waxahachie, Texas and Bessie was singing and pretending to be a bird flying in the cotton fields. …show more content…

There Bessie completed flight training at the best school in France and was awarded her Federation Aeronautique Internationale (F.A.I.; international pilot’s license) license on June 15, 1921.” (“”). Bessie traveled to Europe to gain further flying experience so Bessie could perform in air shows. (“”). Bessie would be a leader for introducing aviation to any race by finding a school and Bessie would appear before audiences such as in the churches, schools, and theaters to try to persuade people to be pilots. (“”). “As a result, the African American press of the country, primarily weekly newspaper, quickly proclaim Bessie “ Queen Bess” ( At 1925, Bessie’s flight and theater appearances were highly successful so Bessie can make a down payment on another plane. (“”). Bessie was buried at Chicago’s Lincoln Cemetery and Bessie achieved recognition of last as a hero of early aviation. (“”). Bessie Coleman’s impact on society and awards, prizes, contributions. In summary, This is Bessie Coleman’s childhood, family, education, impact on society, awards, prizes, and contributions. Bessie Coleman was extremely determined to be an aviator, and now Bessie Coleman was the first black woman aviator. Bessie Coleman wants to build a school for aviation, but unfortunately Bessie Coleman dies. Even though her life is full segregation, Bessie Coleman endures the torment and thinks

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