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When we die, we never know what goes on in the world after that, because we are dead. We know that our family mourns our last, but we really don’t know anything else. Well, Henrietta Lacks was one of those people and I feel as if she should have known before she died what was going to go on after her death.
Who is Henrietta Lacks?
Henrietta was born Loretta Pleasant, and she later changed her name to Henrietta. She married her first cousin David “Day” Lacks, they shared a room together at her grandfather’s house. Henrietta and David had 5 children; Lawrence, Elsie, David Jr., Deborah, and Joseph. Henrietta was diagnosed with cervical cancer on January 29, 1951 at John Hopkins Hospital. During all her diagnosing and surgeries without Henrietta’s knowledge the doctors took two samples from her cervices. She soon died on October 4, 1951 at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore at the young age of 31. She soon because one of the most famous dead person.
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Well it was her cells that made her so wonderful. The two samples that the doctors took from her cervices “…became the first immortal human cell line—the cells reproduce infinitely in a lab. (Paul)” Henrietta’s cells have preserved millions of people and she doesn’t even know. It is amazing how something so little can become something so big in just a nick of time.
What medical breakthroughs came from her cells?
There have been so many medical breakthroughs from these HeLa cells. One the biggest breakthroughs the cells had was removing polio. Her cells made the vaccines become available a lot sooner than they were coming. Henrietta has saved so many lives and she doesn’t even have any knowledge of it is the thing. She has help come up with many vaccinations for many different viruses and diseases it is unbelievable almost.
Was it ethical to take her

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